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Apr 26, 2013

Lighting Tips

Light on Mother’s Day: Get the “Honey-do” List Ready

Mother, MAY I?  Brighten Her Day and Tackle the “Honey-Do” List with Great Illumination!

It’s that Time of Year Again!  Spring is in full bloom and Mother’s Day is coming.  Get those “Honey-Do” lists ready….

  1. Clean off the patio and make sure there is enough task lighting over the grill and enough ambient lighting to set the mood for enjoying the sultry summer nights ahead.
  2. Clean outdoor post and hanging lanterns and make sure light bulbs are in working order.
  3. Repair potholes in the driveway and check that outdoor security lighting and motion sensors are up and running.  Reset timers to adjust for longer daylight hours.
  4. Check landscape lighting fixtures and replace any broken lamps or switches.   Update your outdoor wall lanterns or relamp outdoor lighting fixtures with energy-efficient, longer-lasting light bulbs.
  5. Clean the dining room chandelier; make sure the crystal is sparkling. Or, better yet, surprise her with a splendid new chandelier or decorative hanging pendant!

New "Balmoral" mini-chandelier from ELK Lighting

7.  Convert the extra closet into a sewing/hobby center.  Install a custom-cut countertop and a little task light… “Viola!” You are done.

8.  Or, maybe you are not done….Why not literally “Knock Her Socks Off” and build her a bigger closet?!


Whether you are building a new closet or updating an existing one, there are specific rules for lighting an enclosed closet space.  The National Fire Protection Association’s National Electrical Code (NEC) sets standards for safety:

Because closets contain flammable material with limited ventilation, strict building codes dictate that specified lighting fixtures must be installed 18” to 24” from walls depending upon which lamp source is being used.  Surface mounted and recessed fixtures must allow for 6”-12” of clearance from any storage space, such as shelving or clothing rods.

♦Of course,these standards are not a problem for Mariah Carey whose closet is as big as a bedroom!

One of the latest changes to the NEC code is the addition of LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures.  LED lighting may cost a bit more, but energy-savings, greater illumination and safety features will prove to be well worth the investment over time.  The quality and adaptability of newer LED lighting makes it an excellent choice for closets and dressing rooms.

*Mirror, mirror off the wall, make mother fairest of them all. Add elegance and portability to her vanity/make up area:
"Metalworks" Standing Vanity Mirror in Silverplated Brass New from Butler Specialty
“Metalworks” Standing Vanity Mirror in Silverplated Brass is New from Butler Specialty.

9.  Don’t leave Mom in the dark!  Create a cozy corner with a new den floor lamp so she may relax and read, while you watch the ball game! Try a lamp with full-spectrum lighting to elevate her spirits.

10.  Reward yourself:  Clean out the garage and carve out a space for a workshop that is all your own!

People are investing more into floor covering, cabinetry and shelving to make the most of their garage space.    Fluorescent fixtures, track lighting and simple portable lamps are making their way into upgraded organized garage systems.

LS-21565 MAXX 1 light LED clip-on lamp from Lite Source in Polished Steel  Perfect Task Illumination in small work areas.

LS-21565 MAXX 1 light LED clip-on lamp from Lite Source in Polished Steel Perfect Task Illumination

Turn your garage into a functional space in which to enjoy hobbies, or create a custom-designed workshop for tools and supplies.

If you get the lighting right, you will need to do next to nothing to make your garage more inviting and user-friendly.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Surprise Mom with the latest lighting and accessories, including stunning new mirrors, table lamps, and chandeliers.