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Apr 22, 2014

Lighting Tips

Light Up Naturally for Earth Day

Go Au Natural and Show Off your True Colors with the Most Illuminating Styles!

1087 Elkmont Round Mirror in Natural from Currey and Company

It’s tuesday April 22nd and Earth Day* celebrations are abounding. Eco-friendly lamps, light fixtures and fabulous accessories are here to help you decorate with an eye on preservation and divine design.

The “Smart Home” of the future is truly within reach.  From aroma-therapy air purification systems and vitamin-C infused showers to LED light sources and recycled decorative illumination, energy-saving and eco-friendly options are in full bloom this year.

Live and light responsibly to make for a cleaner, greener tomorrow…

Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and Transform your Environment

1.  Look for ENERGY STAR and Energy SMART products.  Revamp your indoor and outdoor light fixtures with new light sources and smarter control systems.

138650d_08 Bento chandelier from Hubbardton Forge

 The “Bento” chandelier from Hubbardton Forge delivers Energy Smart illumination in an eco-friendly design.

2.  Invest in sustainable lamps and light fixtures.

9492 Stillwater from Currey and Company

 The “Stillwater” chandelier from Currey and Company goes au natural with shells and a Natural Blacksmith finish.

3.  Buy less, but buy better.  From Organic Minimalism to Restoration Industrialism, the latest designer lamps and light fixtures may be less ornate, but full on fashion with energy-efficient illumination.

f2957_4dwo_orb Lumiere from MF in Dark Weathered Oak or Natural Oak finish

“Lumiere” from Murray Feiss presents a modern industrial flair in a Dark Weathered Oak finish.

Visit or a Capitol Lighting showroom for a glimpse into the latest eco-friendly lighting and decorative accessories, including  new lamps and light fixtures from Hubbardton Forge, Varaluz Lighting, Kichler Lighting and Currey and Company.

4932 Chatham Wall Clock from Cooper Classics

“Chatham” wall clock from Cooper Classics in Natural Rustic Wood finish

Now is the time to do your part to make Earth Day 2014 more than just a fantastic idea, make it a reality and light consciously and proficiently with style.

*The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was born on December 2, 1970 and the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.  President Nixon’s 1970 State of the Union Address was flooded with concern for clean air, clean water and a concerted effort for the federal government to “transform” the land.

We celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22nd as the government continues to consolidate efforts for a cleaner environment, but it is really up to each individual to transform their own home with energy-efficient and eco-friendly products.

Top pics for Earth Day include:

3000 Elkmont accent table from Currey and Company

The “Elkmont” collection from Currey and Company

87-7318-48 Modern Loft tl from Pacific Coast

The “Modern Loft” table lamp from Pacific Coast Lighting

203p05 Argyle pendant from Varaluz

The “Argyle” pendant from Varaluz Lighting

63015-5 Natural Rope chandelier from Landmark Lighting

“Natural Rope” chandelier from Landmark Lighting