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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Lighting Made Easy with Tips and Tricks for Harmonious Design

5 Bulb Wise Tips for Energy Savings and Harmonious Design

The expanding bulb market has provided many excellent lamp options, and finding the right mix of illumination will bring out the best in the decorative elements in your home.  Whereas color rendering is of utmost importance in rooms with outstanding decorative features, broad energy-efficient general illumination may take precedence in larger, less ornate recreational areas.  Whether you are seeking bulbs for pendant lights or outdoor lighting fixtures, the experts at Capitol Lighting can help you find the perfect bulbs for your home. 

Consider cost, energy savings, maintenance and aesthetics to bring out the best in your home with fine indoor and outdoor lighting design.

5 Basic Lamping Strategies for Optimal Illumination

  1. Fluorescent and CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps work well in areas that require cooler, energy-efficient general illumination, such as undercabinet lighting and cove lighting in kitchens and flush-mount ceiling fixtures in garages and basements.
  2. Low-voltage halogen lamps are best for accent lighting and to provide luxurious illumination to areas of the home that call for a more up-scaled look, such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and master bathrooms.
  3. For task lighting, LED (light-emitting diode) for desk lamps, reading lamps, track lighting and mini pendant lights works well. *Bulbrite’s Generation 3 dimmable LED lamps provide great color rendering and light output, perfect for track and recessed fixtures.
  4. LED lamps are becoming the standard for outdoor lighting, too, due to their low-maintenance and high energy-efficiency. Although the initial cost for LED lamps is considerably higher, you will find tremendous long-term savings in cost, energy, and maintenance—especially in areas where illumination is frequently needed such as outdoor security lighting.
  5. Incandescent lamps are still popular for portable lighting, pendant lights and ceiling fixtures to provide pleasant general illumination.  Aim for energy-efficient incandescent:  Bulbrite’s Eco-Friendly Halogen A19 standard bulb is energy-saving, fully dimmable and available in clear or soft white.

Note:  Do not skimp and buy bulbs of lesser quality, because substandard bulbs may emit a poor quality of light and may burn out prematurely.  Purchase your indoor and outdoor lighting from a reputable dealer who will stand behind the quality of their merchandise.

For more information on lighting your home efficiently and effectively, visit a Capitol Lighting showroom and meet with a professional lighting consultant.

It’s Time to Lighten Up America!

From LEDs and CFLs to halogens and colorful novelty lamps, Capitol Lighting’s provides the light sources to illuminate your home with wisdom and elegance.

Capitol Lighting is proud to present quality lamps from Bulbrite Industries, including award-winning products: the exclusive KX-2000®, Halogen R111 GU10 and LED MR16.