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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Make an Impression With The Right Outdoor Lighting

There are two common mistakes made with outdoor lighting for your home or property.  

1.) Fixture is too small for your needs. 2.) Over lamping your fixtures.   So let’s discuss the first mistake shall we?    Many people go big or go home in many things except for their outdoor lighting.  In this case, many often go too small by picking an incorrect sized fixture for the exterior of their house.  .   As you may realize, showrooms often make an object appear larger.  As a result, you may choose a fixture you think is perfect, but when you get it home it is just too small for your home.  Don’t fret though, because we have you covered!   A key thing to remember is a fixture looks half the size from 30 feet away.  For instance, the fixture looks a lot smaller from the street.  So in the showroom, take a step back and see what how the light comes across from a different perspective.   Now onto the second mistake: don’t over lamp your fixture.  Now you’re probably thinking don’t do what? Well, it’s very simple.  Many fixtures are rated for 60 watt bulbs, but you can get good lighting from using a 40 watt bulb also.  If you have multiple fixtures, you will have plenty of light and save on your electric bill too.   Check out this video for more information.