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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Make Your Desk and Task Lights Work for You

Did you know the lighting in your office could be making you feel sick?

Feeling unmotivated and lethargic, suffering from headaches or eyestrain? There are some simple steps you can take to energize the work environment to combat stress and elevate mood by choosing the best lamp for your desk or task lighting needs. 

Healthful illumination is key to an environment partnered with increased productivity and job satisfaction.  The trend today is to improve upon what you already have rather than investing in new construction.  Upgrading your office with affordable and energy-efficient lighting is an investment that leads to outstanding visual improvements and a more healthful work environment.

Employ the Right Lamps for Greater Health Benefits:

  • Reduce eyestrain, glare and mental fatigue by adding desk and task lamps to supplement overhead lighting.  Adding a compatible portable lamp to supplement overhead illumination will instantly put you in a more flattering light and diffuse unwanted glare.
  • Portable lamps equipped with full spectrum bulbs provide a quality of light close to that of actual sunshine to energize the atmosphere. This is especially essential in winter months or in windowless offices where access to natural light is limited.
  • Bring in long-lasting, focused reading light and task illumination with LED (light emitting diode) lamps.  The best lamp for energy efficiency, LED provides bright white light to enhance visual acuity.
  • The cubicle office environment is being restructured to allow for a space more conducive to problem solving and idea sharing.  Add floor lamps or torchiers to update the work place with soft, plentiful illumination.
  • Include dimming devices and automatic sensors to save energy and allow for greater flexibility in your office lighting design.  Select lights that can work and adapt with you as your needs require. 

Top Picks for Office Lighting:

-Quoizel’s “Zen” collection includes floor and table lamps with Mystic Black finishes and Rattan shades for corporate casual decor.

-Restoration-vintage chrome desk and reading lamps from Dimond Lighting’s “Champlain” collection are highly functional and sophisticated. Made to accommodate eco-friendly and energy-saving A19 Halogen bulbs.

-Mondoluz Lighting’s “Imu” Energy Smart desk and task lamps with unmatched LED performance and full 360 degree reach, available in a choice of Brushed Platinum or Urban Bronze.

-Trend Lighting’s “Roosevelt” collection, table lamps and floor lamps in Brushed Nickel and Espresso finishes with Sheer Snow and Shantung shades.  Also from Trend Lighting:  The “Discus” collection offers task and general illumination in a tailored torchiere/floor lamp.

Make your lights work for you.  The focus of new office renovations favors a more collaborative environment.  Natural light and illumination provided by portable desk or task light sources work in unison to elevate mood, enhance comfort and boost productivity.

Choose the best lamp for your office based on your needs.  For lights that work for you, select energy-efficient fixtures that provide the degree of illumination, portability, and flexibility your job requires.