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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Meet Our Artisans: Authenticity Lighting

Murray Feiss, Ron Hersh and Robert Greene of Authenticity Lighting

Authenticity Lighting has a unique approach to the lighting business. Their design team has a combined experience of over 130 years in lighting. This extensive knowledge gives them a particular vantage point on the industry and has helped to develop a customer-focused culture and way of doing business. One of the ways in which this approach is most evident is their design process. The full team gets involved right from the start. By talking with and visiting customers around the country to keep ahead of trends and desires-Authenticity Lighting uses reality for an inspiration as much as anything else. Here’s a bit of our conversation with the team:

How did you get into lighting?

“It started out as a small portion of a larger family business. Over time I saw the opportunity and need for improvements in the way the lighting business was run. Almost sixty years later I think I made the right decision.” –M.F.

“For me it was a family business right from the start. Murray had already been in the industry for years when I came on board. What I’ve learned from him throughout the years-about design, relationships, trust-has informed everything we do here today.”  –R.H.

What inspires you?

“For a start, our customer. We make several trips each year across the U.S. and Canada to see them and get some real insight into what’s happening on the front lines.” –C.L.

Where do you start your designs?

“We spend a lot of time talking to our retailers. The full team is involved from the get go. We look for our designs to be a combination of real inspiration and to satisfy real need.” -R.G.

What is unique to your process?

“The true full-team approach. A lot of companies say that, but it’s actually in our DNA. Murray, Ron and Bob have been involved in lighting for so long it really comes as second nature to them and to the company culture. Some of our greatest design ideas have come from our ‘non-designers.” -S.C.

“The amount of experience and knowledge that exists in these four walls is incredible. Having that as a resource when we start out new designs is indispensable and really unique to the industry.” -C.L.

If you had to choose on collection, which one is it and why?

“This is like asking me to choose my favorite child…the Vienna from June 2011. It’s simple, elegant but has an understated flair.” – R.G.

“Ballroom. The most classically elegant series I’ve ever seen!” -R.H.

“Both Altas and the Pavo Real. Too hard to choose.” -M.F.

“The Vienna is incredible. Especially in person.” -C.L.

“Arcadia. Aside from being on the design team I’m also the head of sales, and this collection moves!” -S.C.

Authenticity Lighting- Ballroom Collection Authenticity Lighting - Arcadia Collection Authenticity Lighting - Vienna Collection

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