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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Meet Our Artisans: James Espiritu

James Espiritu of The Eurofase Design Team


Formal Training in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines major in Industrial Design, he had been a College and a University scholar in the most prestigious University in the country and studied Mechanical Design in Seneca College in Toronto with average marks of A.  He was given the opportunity to refine his skills and talent in his early age by enrolling him in an Art School. He then took art classes since the age of eight.  He has been with Eurofase for almost a decade, conceptualizing and creating new and innovative designs, incorporating trends and design ideas to his works.

Nature is his primary source of inspiration, from natural stones to dried leaves on the veranda.  It’s a beauty that no one can replace but can recreate. Having creative freedom is what keeps his creativity going, keeping the current and upcoming trends in mind.  He is taking a step to help the environment by thinking green.  It is a way to be a part of a movement of not being self-centered but rather being eco-conscious. 

Eurofase carefully considers the interaction of a lighting fixture with those who enjoy it. Beyond the style or finish of a fixture is the ambiance created for the space within which it resides. Always with the goal of higher achievement top of mind, each product is inspired by human needs. With many pieces still being crafted by human hands, the authenticity of this company philosophy is carried through to the finished product.

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