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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Meet Our Artisans: Oggetti

The Oggetti Design Team


Parents Robert and Nancy Frehling began Oggetti thirty-five years ago and have been working with glass artists ever since.  Bringing their long experience with home furnishings to the table, they began the Luce or lighting division almost ten years ago and since then have been joined by their children Gregory and Jennifer.  Gregory came with background in the fashion industry and Jennifer with degrees in art and architectural history as well as five years running another family venture, a glass gallery.

The company today is truly a family affair. The Frehlings are constantly on the go, traveling to all parts of the globe to source the incredible glass in their Oggetti lighting.  Their primary destination is Murano and the surrounding province of the Veneto.  Speaking Italian, they all converse easily with a group of highly skilled glass artists.  They translate their passion for color and pattern into astounding receptacles for light.  And they also work in the Philippines with resin globes and in Florence with porcelain. 

Oggetti’s first great success was a collection of glass pendants called Fantasia featuring the thousand year-old glass-blowing techniques made famous by the Italians.  This group is still in the line after ten years and still very popular. Over the years the Oggetti offerings have expanded to include sconces, table and floor lamps and large chandeliers.  The newest introductions show a simplicity harkening back to the family’s love of modernism.  The younger generation lives in homes in Miami built in the 1950’s and are devoted to the vintage furnishings of that era.  The collaboration continues.

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