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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

How-to Install your Ceiling Fixtures with Precision

Fun Fact: The national debt ceiling is defined as the “limit set by Congress beyond which the national debt cannot rise.” Congress created the debt ceiling in the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917 so that the Treasury Department could issue Liberty Bonds to pay for U.S. involvement in World War I.

“Since 1962, Congress has increased the debt ceiling 74 times.”

Lighting experts at Capitol Lighting may not be able to help you figure out the political mumbo-jumbo, but they can promise a brighter future with the best in home lighting and accessories.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom and consult with the lighting experts to customize a perfectly balanced, harmonious home lighting scheme set to your budget and taste.

Take advantage of promotional pricing on ingenious designs from Eurofase:

– The “Prefect’ collection of outdoor post lanterns, wall lighting and hanging pendants sporting ancient rust finishes, clear swirl glass and hand-applied golden accents.

– The “Abigale” collection of chandeliers, sconces and flush fixtures showcasing artisan gold finishes, clear crystal and Scavo glass.

– The “Dakota” series of stunningly contemporary bath lighting in frosted glass and chrome.

– The “Dahlia” collection featuring decorative ceiling medallions and chandeliers with gold leaf antique finishes and crystal gems.

– The “Baliza” collection of elegantly alluring chandeliers and wall sconces in champagne gold with crumpled champagne silk fabric and cut crystal glass evoking sheer Mediterranean romance.

– “Valente” Energy Smart pendant ceiling lights available in five finish options.  These resplendent diamond ring configurations, complete with sparkling lights and thin wiring, create an illusion of design that magically dangles in mid-air.

– The “Penchant” collection of modern contemporary pendant ceiling lights, wall sconces, mini-pendants and chandeliers with shimmering midnight black drum shades surrounding a waterfall of sparkling crystal tear drops.

– The “Seraphine,” a functional and sophisticated illuminated pot rack with a silver and gold finish and Indian Scavo glass.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom to view these fine designs, among other select home lighting and accessory vendors from around the world. A brighter future is in store for you!

Capitol Lighting Sheds Light on the Depth-Ceiling Dilemma

What do you do when you move to a new residence and would like your old chandeliers and ceiling light fixtures to be reinstalled to new heights?

Luckily, adjusting fixtures to accommodate growing ceiling heights is easier and more affordable than adjusting the national budget!

Most ceiling light fixtures may be reconfigured into new home environments with a little know-how…and maybe a few extra links of chain.

Capitol Solutions for Shining Future Adjustments:

  • If you need to purchase additional chain or extend a downrod, first try to locate the vendor and have additional hardware special ordered.
  •  If your fixtures are antiques or the vendor cannot be located, you may purchase chain and additional parts at most hardware stores.  These items may be cut to your specifications and added to your fixture.  Be sure to find an even match-up in quality and color to accommodate your fixture.
  • If a suitable matching chain or downrod is unavailable, coordinating cord and chain covers make an attractive alternative.
  • To add a bit of stylized finish, new decorative ceiling medallions make excellent accompaniments to ceiling fixtures.  These accessories are especially beneficial when relocating fixtures to a residence where you need to cover up flaws made from pre-existing lighting units.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for expert advice on lighting and accessories for new or pre-existing home environments.  Learn the tricks of the trade for illuminating your home easily, affordably and elegantly.

Capitol Lighting Sheds Light on the Depth-Ceiling Dilemma

Proper installation of home lighting fixtures is crucial to ensuring your total satisfaction with home lighting designs.  Invest in a qualified electrician and purchase lighting from a reputable dealer, and you will have nothing to fear.

Professional lighting consultants at Capitol Lighting help you to find the best in home illumination.  First, there are some basic guidelines to know when selecting decorative medallions and ceiling light fixtures.

Basic Guidelines for Light, Lambency and the Pursuit of Aesthetics:

– Hang your chandelier so that the bottom of the fixture is about 30-34” above the tabletop surface.  The fixture may hang from 6-20 inches of chain depending on the height of your ceiling.

– The width of a central fixture suspended over a dining room or kitchen table should be about 12” less than the width or diameter of the table.

– Mini pendant ceiling lights should be installed about 30-40 inches above the work surface or dining area.

– Billiard table fixtures should allow for about 32” from the base of the fixture to the table surface.

– Foyer chandeliers should be large enough to make a statement without overpowering the space. The width of a central foyer fixture may be calculated using a simple formula:  Add the length and width dimensions (in feet) of the area to be illuminated, then use this measurement, but in inches, to determine the width of your foyer fixture.  i.e. Rooms that are 14 feet by 18 feet would benefit from central fixtures that are 32 inches wide (14+18=32 feet, choose a fixture with a width of about 32 inches).

– Install foyer fixtures at least 7 feet from the floor for standard ceilings.

In a two-story foyer, hang fixtures 8 to 10 feet from the floor.

No matter how high your ceiling, Capitol Lighting has all you need to illuminate your home to great depths.  Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom to view some of the latest designer chandeliers, pendant ceiling lights, wall lighting and accessories.  Special promotional values are available on designer collections from around the world, including the latest from Eurofase.