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Jan 18, 2015

Lighting Tips

How to Convert Your Outdoor Lights to LEDs

Aside from the aesthetic value that outdoor wall lighting can add to your home’s exterior space, improved security is another benefit that comes with illuminating your outdoor space. Keep your homes’ exterior well-lit at night to add a luxurious appeal, as well as for safety and security.

If you are planning to replace existing exterior wall light fixtures in your home with LED outdoor wall lights, here is a list of the tools you will need:

Tools Needed:


LED Light bulbs

Multi-head screwdriver

Electrical tape (optional)

LED outdoor wall light fixture

Wire nuts (if these are not included in your lighting kit)

Steps in mounting LED Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures:

Step #1: Turn off the power.

The first thing you will need to do prior to starting with any electrical project is to switch off the power. Go to the main circuit breaker of your house and turn off the power to the existing light fixture.

Step #2: Remove the old light fixture.

The existing wall light fixture is usually attached to the wall with either a mounting cover plate or with exposed screws. If it is the former, lift off the plate to expose the mounting screws then loosen and remove the screws while holding the light fixture in place until all the wires are disconnected.

Step #3: Attach the mounting bracket.

There is a great probability that the old light fixture was mounted to the wall with a crossbar mounting bracket. This should be replaced with the new mounting hardware packaged with your new LED outdoor wall light fixture, as this is designed specifically for that lamp. The crossbar might be one of these – a round metal that is 4 inches in diameter that has numerous holes cut in it, a 4-inch by 1-inch metal plate with several holes, or two 4-inch by 1-inch metal plates that are connected in the center forming a cross. Use a level to check and make sure that the crossbar is indeed level.

Step #4: Connect the wires.

Connect the wires following the manufacturer’s instructions. Match the neutral white wire to white, the hot black wire to black, and green wire to the bare copper wire from the junction box. Ensure that the wire connections are secure by using plastic wire screws. You can also use electrical tape to secure these connections. Pack all the wires back inside the outlet box. Be careful and make sure not to loosen the connections.

Step #5: Install the new light fixture.

Attach the new wall light fixture to the crossbar using the mounting screws provided in the kit. You may also position the fixture onto the protruding screws and fasten the hex nuts included in the lighting kit. Secure them tightly. Depending on the contour of the wall siding, you may also have to put a bead of clear caulking along the top and sides to keep water from seeping behind the light fixture. Foam mounting block that is cut to fit the contour of the siding can also be used.

Step #6: Turn the power back on.

You can now switch the power back on at the circuit breaker. Test out your new exterior LED wall light fixture.