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Jan 30, 2015

Lighting Tips

Shed Light on a Great Super Bowl Finish!

Sure, ultimate nachos and foot-long hoagies are great! But, who wants to hang at your house if they can’t see the game?

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Get the illumination you need in your media room with these top tips…

Top 3 Most Illuminating Game Changers for a Super Bowl Finish

1.  Strategically design your track, rail, recessed and/or cove lighting.

contemporary-family-room from willoughby way


Set up your ceiling light fixtures along with your wall decor and furniture layout. Lighting should be positioned to focus on important artistic and architectural features, while maintaining soothing general illumination overall.

2.  Add wall sconces where additional illumination is needed.

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Wall lighting makes a great addition to the media room where you want to free up tabletop space and need the additional ambient illumination.  Check that all wall lighting meets ADA-approval.*

3.  Make quick fixes with table and floor lamps. with kovacs arc lamp

An arc floor lamp frees up table space, adds superb general illumination and makes the perfect add on in this media room.

perfect portables in the media room

A table lamp and a reading floor lamp complete this media room with decorative, as well as functional illumination that is glare-free and unobtrusive.

* The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates that wall lighting fixtures should protrude no more than four inches from the wall and be installed at least six feet above floor level.

For more designing tips and help with perfecting the light in your media room, visit with professional lighting consultants at a Capitol Lighting showroom or contact