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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Style Up with a Selection of Over 4,000 Green Lighting Options!

You’ve decided to “Go Green”…or maybe YOU haven’t chosen to do so, but you’re designer suggests “Going Green” with lighting for your home. Congratulations! You (or your designer) have taken the first step towards helping the environment while providing a safe and healthy home for you and your family.

Going Green” no longer means suffering with inefficient illumination or worse…unattractive looking light fixtures. Capitol Lighting and make your choice to go green an easy one with our enormous selection of green light fixtures for the indoor and outdoor rooms in your home.
Shop from name brand, high quality, exterior green lights fixtures and interior green lighting that will save on electric bills, while providing exactly the amount of light you need for any room.

From our beautiful selection of Energy Star Approved ceiling lights to’s amazingly attractiveDark Sky Approved outdoor wall lights, we offer the most extensive collections of green light fixtures.

Capitol Lighting and know you will have an easy time finding the exact green light fixtures you need to keep your home beautiful while helping to preserve the natural environment and saving on electricity, too.

Shop for our wonderful selection of over 4,000 different green lighting options at unbeatable prices and light your home in a more environmentally responsible way without compromising on style!