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Oct 15, 2016

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Spotlight: Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Learn how to properly shop for hanging light fixtures

Pendant lights provide a sleek, clean look and plenty of versatility. You can use them in several different areas of your home for a unique, multi-dimensional appearance. Some hanging lights work well on their own while other hanging light fixtures look great when several are hung side by side to help provide light to your space.

The Versatility of Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways and areas in your home. You can also use hanging light fixtures to direct light (over a kitchen sink or island) or diffuse light over a larger area. And with a myriad of options pendant lights can provide a simple, decorative or utilitarian look.

Foyer Pendant lighting fixtures provide a visually striking, unique way to help greet visitors as they enter your home. A kitchen island pendant works great for illuminating your meal preparation area while adding a stylish touch. A large glass pendant light is perfect for a dining room table or perhaps your favorite reading chair. Mini-pendants can be hung over shelves to highlight various decorations or sculptures in your home. And small pendant lights can be hung at different heights and spaced out properly in a corner (or anywhere) to help highlight artwork on your wall.

Pendant lighting is also a great option for any open floor areas, game rooms, pool tables, bars and counters. Hanging lights also renew the look of your bathroom and can easily replace any outdated sconces.

Shop Pendant Lighting at Every Price Point

1800lighting has a variety of hanging and pendant lights available to meet your budget.

Mini-Pendants and Hanging Lights Under $150

From art deco to restoration-vintage to earth tones 1800lighting has plenty of styles to choose from for under $150. Mini-pendants are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more.

Hanging Lights from $150 to $300

Let 1800lighting help you to bring a stylish touch to any space with our hanging light fixtures. Several styles, from sophisticated to classic Americana, are available.

Hanging Light Fixtures from $300 to $500

Cage-shaped, mid-century elegance, globe-styled hanging lights and more are available to add an aesthetic look to your hallway, foyer, dining room table or any other space.

Hanging Lights from $500 to $1,000

Large pendant lights are great for open space areas, dens, kitchens, game rooms and other areas. 1800lighting offers several styles and finishes including antique accents, modern styles, retro-chic and more.

Hanging Light Fixtures from $1,000

Whether you’re looking for glamorous or whimsical 1800lighting has a variety of unique, stunning pendant lights. We’ve also got outdoor hanging lanterns that add a beautiful, stylish look to wherever you put them.

How to Shop for Hanging Light Fixtures

There are several factors involved with choosing the proper pendant lights. With down lighting pendants the light points down and is suitable for kitchen sinks and tables, a kitchen island, billiards table, counter and desk. Up lighting pendants don’t provide as much direct light but are perfect for bringing soothing ambiance to any space.

Next look at the size of the room to figure out what kind of shade you’ll want on the hanging lights and how many pendant lights you’ll need to bring light to your desired area. A porcelain or metal shade will send light down while a clear, glass shade spreads light throughout your space. If you choose a shade with an open top the light will expand upwards onto the ceiling. Drum-shaped shades provide ambient lighting and some include stylish design features. With a globe pendant the globe-shaped shade surrounds the bulb, sends light out in all directions and is perfect for dens, foyers and other entryways. Bowl-shaped pendants can be used in either an up or down direction. Pointing up it’s an inverted-styled pendant and pointing down it’s suited for any focused-light needs you have.

You’ll also need to figure out how many pendant lights are necessary to bring light to your desired area. You’ll certainly get more illumination with more pendants but if you add too many lights your risk losing some aesthetic appeal.

When considering the hanging light fixtures’ pole, cord or chain make sure its color, style and finish match with the area it will be hanging from. Also certainly make sure the shade and overall look fits with your décor.

If you’re looking to update old lights in your home or add a unique look to a certain area hanging light fixtures from 1800lighting make a great option. Pendant lighting is versatile and lets you be creative. Hang some mini-pendants at different heights in the corner of a room or get matching pendant lighting for your kitchen island and sink. You can also choose how you want to focus the light (down or spread out) while adding an aesthetic touch to any space.

PRO TIP: If two hanging lights provide plenty of illumination don’t add a third. Crowding too many pendant lights together will take away some of their aesthetic appeal. Make sure the pendant light (or lights) is the right size for the area it will be hanging from. Hanging lights that are too small for the space or object below won’t look right or provide proper illumination. Make sure your pendant lighting hangs from the proper distance. You don’t want it so high that the light isn’t effective and if it’s too low it could get in your way.

Browse some of our best selling Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant lighting is well-defined, sleek, and may provide light for a range of applications.