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Sep 30, 2016

Lighting Tips Styles

Spotlight: Transitional Lighting Styles

Today’s Decorative Trend

Transitional lighting fixtures are a decorating style that’s often considered a more casual version of traditional design that focuses more on comfort than ornamentation. Unlike classical lighting, the transitional lighting style softens traditional styling while generating a warmer, minimalistic ambience that works with neutral tones, modern home furnishings, uncluttered living environments and carefully curated accents for traditional, Shaker, Asian and Mission decorating styles. You can choose lighting in a wide-ranging variety of lamp styles that include transitional pendant lighting, transitional chandeliers and transitional outdoor lighting. The clean lines, neutral colors and subtle designs match almost any decorating style because they can set off any room with warm, complementary lighting that never goes overboard.

Clean Lines and Subtle Accents Complement Any Décor

The traditional lighting style–while tasteful and low-key–provides just the right touch when you want to draw the eye to a design focal point without overpowering it. Few lighting styles work as unobtrusively as transitional chandeliers while managing to showcase an advanced stylishness for discerning design aficionados. You can choose from Capitol’s vast selection of lighting features that include:

• Multiple glass shade shapes

• Brass, crystal and metal finishes to complement existing or planned furnishings

• Finishes that include bronze tones, gold accents, brushed nickel, polished nickel, clear and crystal

• Fixture styles that include pendant lights, chandeliers, mini chandeliers, island lights, flush-mounted lights, recessed lighting and track and rail lighting

• Bulb types that include incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and LED technologies

• Energy Star lighting efficiency

• Title 24 compliant

• Dimmable fixtures

Indoor and outdoor spotlights

• Versatile, long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lighting in transitional designs

Lighting Defines Your Sense of Style

Traditional décor developed in Western culture from a hodgepodge of influences between the 1600s and 1800s in Europe and America. Manor homes of England, American plantations and country estates throughout Europe heavily influenced traditional design concepts with their reliance on ornate details, contrasting straight lines, iron and brass accents and hand-painted wood. This showy old-world style incorporated Neoclassical, Colonial and French Country design ideals. Transitional lighting softens the ornate details of traditional decorating styles and focuses on one or two key design features:

• Transitional chandeliers integrate form and function with clean lines, easy-to-clean surfaces and special accents that you can choose.

• Minimalist lighting styles focus attention on your cherished design features with subtle accents that reinforce your concept.

• Choosing a mix of floor lamps, wall lighting, vanity lights, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and pendants provides focused lighting where and when you need it without compromising your design vision.

• Transitional designs are among the most versatile styles for complementing multiple decorating styles in different areas of a home or business.

• Choose from warm glass accents, multiple earth-tone finishes, bronze accents, lighting diffusers and traditional geometric lines without the heavy ornamentation and fussiness of traditional designs.

Transitional Outdoor Lighting Expands Your Living Space

Few decorating trends have captured the public’s imagination in recent years as dramatically as turning outdoor areas into extensions of practical living space. You can use Capitol’s exhaustive selection of lamps, technologies and manufacturers to create the illusion that outdoor space is a part of your home–an extension of your living room, den, kitchen or entertaining area. Landscape lighting enhances your grounds and increases safety without detracting from nature. You can choose from pier lamps, security lighting, post lamps, outdoor ceiling lights, LED lights and wall lighting in transitional designs. Most transitional lighting incorporates earth tones, so it’s one of the best choices for outdoor decorating. In all lighting choices, 1800Lighting carries a full line of mounting hardware in complementary designs and finishes.

Find a vast selection of the Transitional Lighting Style with Understated Elegance at 1800Lighting

Museums curate special collections and exhibits, and 1800Lighting curates lighting design collections of exquisite style and superior functionality. Decorating theories and preferences vary widely, but one of the most universally accepted tenets is that lighting is among the most critical components of any decorating theme. 1800Lighting has more than 90 years of experience working with homeowners, decorators, architects and designers in New Jersey and Florida and thousands of online customers throughout the world. Whether you want transitional chandelier lighting, landscaping accents or transitional pendant lighting for a decorative focal point of your home or business, the experienced team at 1800Lighting offers an astonishing range of fixtures, hardware accents and lighting packages to provide sophisticated styles for general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting.

PRO TIP: The traditional lighting style–while tasteful and low-key–provides just the right touch when you want to draw the eye to a design focal point without overpowering it.

Transitional Lighting Style with Understated Elegance

Transitional Lighting features clean lines, neutral colors and subtle designs that match almost any decorating style.