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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Spring for the Best from Trend Lighting

Capitol Beats the Living Daylights Out of the Competition with Savings on Trend Lighting!  Spring Ahead with the Latest from Trend.

Fun Fact: The theory behind the observance of Day Light Savings Time (DST) is that extending natural light into the evening hours will save electricity and reduce evening accidents.

Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands do not observe daylight savings time because these areas are closer to the equator and the daylight hours are not majorly affected by seasonal changes.

It has been a matter of debate as to whether or not DST should exist.  Many individuals find it difficult to adjust their biorhythms to the change and there is no proof that DST saves on energy costs or reduces early evening accidents.

However, one thing is for certain:  “Daylightful” savings on the latest traditional table lamps and more from Trend Lighting will help beautify your environment and promote serenity and security within your home.  A stunning décor accent, a Trend Lighting lamp is much more than a source of light.

Trend Lighting has been manufacturing innovative traditional, transitional and contemporary designer lighting, modern and traditional lamps and glass chandeliers for almost 30 years. With an expansive collection of finely crafted chandeliers, bath and vanity lighting, traditional table and desk lamps, pendants, and ambient floor lighting, Trend Lighting sets the pace for fashion forward, updated home decor.

Celebrate Day Light Savings with Capitol Lighting, your lamp source for the best of Trend…

Get Some Color:  From majestic silvery blue “Pluto” to Apple Green Chiseled Relief glass in the “Zen” series, Trend table lamps unique color variations summon enchanting and elegant illumination, perfect to add flavor to living rooms and bedrooms.  A table lamp provides an ideal source of customizable lighting.

Trend Lighting BT7173-SB Pluto 1 Light Table Lamp

Trend Lighting TT7622 Zen 1 Light Table Lamp

Bring in Spring Flowers:  The “Lotus” Collection:  Legendary for inducing a dreamy languor and forgetfulness, these African and Asiatic water lilies are held sacred to certain national deities.  Bring some dreaminess into the next season with mesmerizing White Lotus flower lamps from Trend Lighting.

Trend Lighting TF6963 Lotus 2 Light Floor Lamp

Create Clarity:  Splendid crystal creations from Trend include the “Waltz” series featuring chandeliers with brushed nickel finishes, crystal beaded accents and suspended Champagne Dupioni Silk shades.  Complement your design with “Clarity,” stately clear crystal table lamps with polished chrome finishes and beautifully tailored hand-sewn shades.

Trend Lighting TT5862 Clarity 1 Light Table Lamp

Trend Lighting TP8936 Waltz 3 Light Single Tier Chandelier

Trend Lighting collections are versatile and compatible with traditional as well as modern contemporary design.  Spring ahead and show off your impeccable taste with affordable and exhilarant lamps from Trend Lighting.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop online at this week for 10% off all the best of Trend Lighting and celebrate Day Light Savings with the finest illuminations!