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Jul 29, 2013

Lighting Tips

Summertime and the Lighting is Easy

Revel in Super Summer Illumination.  Live Laugh and Love with Murray Feiss!

f2828_6gbz-Big Pendant Live Laugh LoveWe know that the right light helps shield us from feeling blue and the wrong illumination can make us agitated, cranky and ill. So lighten up this summer and get happy.  Make way for inspirational new lighting designs from Murray Feiss.

The new Live Laugh Love collection from Murray Feiss features a rustic Grecian Bronze finish with an uplifting mantra artfully imbedded in the design. Choose from 4-light chandeliers, 6-light pendant-style chandeliers and coordinating wall sconces.  Just in time for summer 2013, these new lamps impart a light-hearted message in a full-bodied design.


What do we mean by “lamp life?”

The “average life” of a light source is determined through controlled testing on a large sampling of light bulbs (lamps). Lamps of the same type, make and model are switched on at the same time, and when 50% of the bulbs in this large sampling burn out, this is the determined rate of lamp life.    Thus, due to slight variations in the environment, usage and make-up of each light bulb, the “rated life” listed on each bulb carton is an estimate; and, each bulb will perform slightly differently—some may outlive the “rated life” and some may die out before.


It has been said that the average American child laughs out load about 400 times each day.  But, as children grow up into adults they laugh a whole lot less—maybe four times a day!

Studies show that just thinking about being happy or simply imagining yourself laughing, recalling a funny story, reading a piece of inspirational advice—all of these activities boost neural connections that can actually elevate your happiness quotient.

Although a serious lighting design is no laughing matter, new lighting compositions from Murray Feiss are made to uplift your spirit and enhance your life. So, why not install a new lamp to remind you to  “Live, Laugh and Love” every day!


What is a love light?

The term “love light” was made famous in 1961 when Bobby Bland recorded his R&B-style hit  “Turn on Your Love Light.”  The song has been popularized over the years, and recorded by many other bands including The Grateful Dead.  In  1999, the song was included in the Hall of Fame’s list of  “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.”

wb1705gbz live laugh love wall sconce

Love light may also include fine novel home lighting and accessories crafted to fill our homes with beauty and the most uplifting lighting effects.

f2827_4gbz-live laugh love chandelier from FeissMake a statement and select the seasons top fashions with bold new lighting and home accessories.  The Live Laugh Love collection from Feiss will give you reason to smile and get happy—quality design, accessible price points and exceptional service have kept Murray Feiss at the top of the lighting industry since 1955.

Other fun summer highlights from Feiss include island lights, mini chandeliers and ceiling pendants from the “Celebration” collection and colorful table lamps in the “Kennedy” collection.