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Mar 12, 2013

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The Winning Candidate is Crystal Clear with Schonbek.

Fun Fact: “Ronald Reagan won the most electoral votes (525 out of a possible 538) of any president in any one election during his landslide 1984 victory”. -Wikipedia

Although discerning who will be the best candidate for President of the United States may be unclear, there is no doubt that outstanding home illumination will definitively promote a brighter future. Trust SCHONBEK* to lead your home to brilliance.

Be it a Heritage Hand Cut, Swarovski, Vintage or Rock Crystal chandelier, Schonbek lighting designs showcase originality, craftsmanship and history. With over 140 years of artistry by the hands of masters, Schonbek is the world’s leading manufacturer of crystalchandeliers.

Cast Your Ballot for Schonbek…

  • Exquisite table lamps from the “Deco” collection feature Optic and Jet Black crystal with drum shades in White Silk Charmeuse with Black Patent Leather Stripe trim. (10449) Fine Optic hand-cut crystal, previously used only for optical equipment and scientific instruments, is uniquely Schonbek offering outstanding refractive excellence and sparkle.


  • The classic “Alea” collection features Italian castings, richly trimmed with crystal bobeche drops and swag chains and presents new colored crystal offerings by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS: Bronze Shade and Silver Night.


  • Strass” Swarovski crystal is manufactured in the Austrian Alps and is famously known to be the finest in the world for its flawless purity, brilliance, and high lead content. “SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” is the designer choice for top quality premium crystal. Available in a choice of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, each crystal is machine-cut, polished to perfection, and engraved with the Swarovski logo to prevent imitation.


  • The “Renaissance Rock Crystal” collection features classic crafted iron chandeliers and wall sconces, authentic 17th century styling with ancient Rock Crystal gemstones, clear crystal and colored crystal combined in an ornate framework. Available in a variety of finish and Rock Crystal in Jewel Tone tm options.

Schonbek’s colored crystal Jewel Tone tm formulas embody a family secret handed down from one generation to the next with colors that are exceptionally luminous and prismatic, and include Ruby Red, Light and Dark Amethyst, Topaz and Smoke Topaz, Olivine, Pink, Sapphire and Black Diamond.

Rock Crystal is natural quartz treasured for its divine imperfections. Outstanding natural fissures and mists, created over billions of years, make each crystal unique. Rock crystal is known for its cool smooth feel, a phenomenon of mysterious geological occurrences.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop online at to experience the captivating qualities of crystal chandelier fixtures and view the latest designs in decorative home lighting and accessories. Take advantage of premier values for Election Day 2012 and vote with confidence for illumination with Schonbek lighting fixtures.

Schonbek Worldwide has completely redefined lighting with original and inspiring designs. Capitol Lighting is the only online showroom to offer the entire stock of Schonbek crystal chandelier, wall sconce, lamp and ceiling lighting fixtures.

*SCHONBEK is a member of the Swarovski Company.