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Oct 10, 2013

Lighting Tips

Don’t Let a Small Space Cramp Your Style

Living in a small space may be challenging, but we like to take on challenges and make the best of what we have to bring out the beauty in our homes. From a studio apartment in Hoboken to a single-family home with a narrow eat-in kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens, we can help inspire you to make your home exactly what you want.

Maximizing storage and arranging furniture can dramatically enhance the space you have, and learning to use color effectively will also brilliantly expand the dimension of your room. Keep clutter to a minimum, add a few decorative statement pieces, and finish off the room with perfectly placed lighting.

Top Tips for Illuminating and Expanding your Decorative Interiors to Make Every Inch Count

Hang several sets of drapes along a wall to give your small room personality. This can work instead of paint and wallpaper. You will give the illusion that there are windows hidden behind the drapes, rather than just a wall or tiny window. You can also hang the drapes higher than the window sill to create a taller looking room.

Good lighting can completely transform a room, and its source doesn’t have to be a hanging ceiling fixture. Use vibrant decorative table lamps on nightstands and side tables. Put a floor lamp in a dark corner and hang wall sconces in hallways or above sofas; these lamps and fixtures serve as artistic enhancements to showcase your décor with style and illumination.

Elegant Lighting 2071TL16 Iris 22 Inch Table Lamp

If you don’t want to paint the walls, paint your furniture. A new paint job on a dresser or nightstand can be just as impactful as new wall color.  Go for a bold red or dark green against a neutral background for a rich, eye-catching finish.

Pendant lamps over nightstands work wonders to increase the visual dimension of your bedroom, while freeing up valuable table space in your room.  Choose lamps with LED light sources for long-lasting, energy-efficient, focused illumination.

Mirrors are excellent for adding light and doubling your space.  Try a mirror on a side wall to expand space and bring in more light.  A mirror opposite a dining table is said to “double” the value of the food on table!

Undercabinet lights are another great room enhancer.  Providing superb task light in the kitchen or highlighting a den wall unit.

Colorful LED strip lighting is both decorative and functional in the toe kick space under bathroom vanities to accentuate décor with color and provide energy-saving night lighting for safety.

The market for mini table lamps and mini chandeliers is fueled by the need to dress-up a small space with elegance and high style.  Mini chandeliers make a grand statement and may serve as a central focal point in a bedroom, dining area or small foyer.  A mini table lamp serves as the perfect accent to illuminate an isolated corner and create an illusion of greater area in a small room.

Candles and small table accessories beautify and add interest to small spaces; Candle lights add divine illumination for soothing evening illumination and subtle mood lighting adjustments.

A great lighting design will prove to be a most cost-effective and worthwhile investment, vastly increasing the function and beauty of your space.