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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Traditional Lighting Design

Capitol Lighting and offer Traditional lighting options that will work with any home décor. Elements of traditional design have been incorporated into decorating schemes with interpretations ranging from, “Transitional” traditional to the, “Modern” traditional. Yet, what constitutes true traditional lighting design is defined by those elements that remain unchanged. Traditional light fixtures are embodied with texture and color, multiple patterns, and intricate ornamentation. The richness of fabric, warmth of design, and full-bodied elegance have captivated our senses and aggrandized our homes for centuries.
Whether you choose to incorporate just a few traditional lighting concepts or embrace the true traditionally traditional style of design, Capitol Lighting and’s newest selection of home accessories and light fixtures will allow you to express your style. For a limited time only, enjoy Free Shipping with EVERY order you place with!