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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Ugly Lamp Photo Contest -WIN $100!

Every Monday, from now until March 14th, Capitol Lighting will kick off another Weekly Ugly Lamp Photo Contest on our Facebook Wall! -Start posting your photos now to WIN a $100 Gift Certificate towards new, exciting brands and fabulous lighting and lamps for YOUR home! Everyone we know has one crazy floor lamp or light fixture that deserves the spotlight in our Weekly Ugly Lamp Photo Contest!  Either because you HAD to have that lime green, Chinoiserie table lamp from that little vintage store you visited years ago or you had a strange desire to redecorate your guest room with silver metallic wallpaper and electric blue, mermaid shaped table lamps! 
Wherever you found that funky pastel floor lamp or scary pirate ship buffet lamp, with sea shells painted in shades of orange, take a picture and share your photos with Capitol Lighting &! You could WIN a $100 Gift Certificate towards new, Frederick Cooper Traditional Table Lamps or stunning, modern floor lamps by Kovacs lighting from Capitol Lighting & by the end of this week! Last week’s Facebook Winner, J. Wallerstein, posted a wild light box lamp with dental work featured! Good Luck to all that enter this week! Who will post the next winning photo? Will it be you?!