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Nov 24, 2013

Lighting Tips

The Ultimate Luxury: Comfortable Illumination and Design

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“I have come to regard comfort as the ultimate luxury.”—Billy Baldwin, interior designer (1903-1983)

It is that time of year again—the holidays are here and family is calling, the darkness falls early and our homes are starting to feel more like hibernation dens…. it is time to refresh our interior environment and get set for the winter months ahead.

Combat the oppressiveness that comes with the shorter days and decreased sunshine…bring in the light, uplifting accessories and comfortable décor to make your home or office space a more easeful and gratifying place to grow, work and dwell.

Top 10 Tips to Comfortably Illuminated Interiors and Desirous Decor

1.  Invest in the best lamps (bulbs) –instant on/off, quiet operation, dim ability and the most welcoming lighting effects are available in the latest energy-efficient LED, CFL and halogen light sources.

420240 philips new LED

2.  Shaded fixtures—Dark Sky outdoor fixtures, as well as, decorative shades for indoor light fixtures make a huge difference in allowing for control and providing welcoming and soothing illumination.

kd5005mm Quoizel chandelier with Oyster Mica Shades

3.  New LED reading lamps and desk lamps are designed to offer plentiful, focused illumination for the comfort and health of your eyes.

5080-22 Orion LED desk lamp

4.  Novel lighting controls and updated switches give you the utmost in convenience and energy-savings for all your lamps and light fixtures. In larger homes or offices, it is a good idea to install switches, novel  lighting controls and automated systems that may be digitally programmed and labeled.  This is also an energy-saver, as it limits the chances of you mistakenly turning on and off the wrong lamps and having to constantly think about which switch goes with which light.

5.  Work with the natural light streaming in through windows and skylights.  A couple of task lights and a single torch lamp may be all you need to provide comfort and illumination in rooms with generous windows and plentiful exposure to bright sunlight.

761581 Van Teal Torchiere

6.  Accessories such as comfy pillows and throws will not only dress up your seating areas and bedrooms, they are essential in blanketing your home with warmth both visually and functionally.

4-126 Howard Elliot Silk Pillowq1-212 Baja pillow-howard elliotq4-209 Geo pillow-howard elliot

7.  Choose just the right occasional tables and whimsical furniture for form and function.  Look for dual-purpose accessories to make the most of your interior space.

99009 Atlas end table-howard elliot

8.  Candles, tea lights and mini portable lamps provide soothing illumination and create ambience for quiet relaxation and romantic lighting effects.

691266048 Tea Lights from Philips

19731 Ribbon Candle Holder-uttermost

9.  Invest in LED night lights for hallways and bathrooms to supply energy-efficient security lighting and comfort.

691123248 Lady Bug Guidelight

691503048 LivingColor MIni Black accent lamp

10. Above all else:  Do not stress about getting everything done. Enjoy the decorating process and take your time to find just the items that help to define your space according to your specific needs and unique style.

50379sl Natural Gray Slate Fountain Copper

What better way to feed the soul, than with illustrious illumination?
ls-20295pslav Lite Source Sandy lamp

The right illumination has been known to help us cultivate healthier habits whether it be eating more slowly or studying more intently.  Make it your intention this year to surround yourself in the right light.  Comfort is really the ultimate luxury and the right lighting is the key to comfort.

Satisfy your hunger for delectable design with novel accessories and light fixtures.  Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or to view the latest in comfort and control for the most luxurious holiday season ever!