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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Warm Up Your Outside With These Tips

This excerpt is taken from our article, Take Charge of Your Outside Lighting with Modern Outdoor Lights.

Capitol Lighting expert recommendations:

Beware of Glare:  Improperly illuminated areas create glare and discomfort which, in turn, negatively affect your appearance and mood.  Rooms that are sun-filled during the day require soft, diffused illumination at night.  Choose dimmable portable lamps for general illumination. Additional task or accent lighting may be tastefully delivered with decorative reading lamps and stylish mini-pendants.

Protect and Preserve the Natural and Super-natural:  Choose shielded fixtures and natural textures to work with the changing degrees light.  Look for outside lighting products that are “Dark Sky” compliant*, energy-efficient and durable. 

Be Bold Where it Counts:  Pops of color can change the vibe of a room and bring new life to the décor.  Select lamps that express your unique taste and aesthetic vision.  The latest finishes abound with imaginative color combinations and inventive structural compositions.

Knowledge Defies Superstition:  Thoughtfully chosen fixtures are the key to favorable results.  Consult with certified lighting professionals to be sure items are suitable for outdoor or damp locations. 

* ‘Dark Sky’ compliant fixtures are designed to focus artificial light downward in an effort to curb light pollution and preserve the nighttime environment.  A most plentiful view of the stars and planets above should never have to compete with your outdoor lighting design.  Thoughtfully chosen and properly installed outdoor fixtures will provide understated elegance to compliment your home environment.

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