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Sep 6, 2018

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Task Lighting: Desk Lamps, Reading Lamps & More

Task lighting is utilitarian, yes. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can keep your workspace or reading nook illuminated with proper lighting, and still add flair! The days of relying on overhead lighting while we work are gone. In fact, a better kind of task lighting has been linked to higher productivity and reduction in eye strain. With tougher-to-manage workloads and constant sources of distraction, tools to help stay focused are more important than ever. Combined with other factors, the correct use of task lighting will add style as well as help increase productivity.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some statistics that shed some light on the subject of task lighting, health, and productivity.

  • Harvard Health reports that dim or bad lighting can make your eyes tire more quickly, not the optimal effect you want your task lighting to have on your workspace.

Task Lighting Tips + Ideas For Every Purpose

Take Your Home Office Lighting To New Heights

Your home office likely has a multi-faceted function in your home. It could be your work-from-home workspace or a shared location where your kids get homework done. It might even be an entertainment nook where you break away to relax. Regardless of how you use your home office, this work area light sources play an important role. Use these tips to get the most out of your home office:

    • Add your personal touch! Unlike your company’s office, your home office is all yours. You’re free to stamp this area with your own unique design style. Don’t hold back. Make your home office lighting a reflection of your taste, your home’s style, and an extension of your amazing personality.
    • Obviously, make sure you can see well! While you’re in the throes of creating the perfect home office lighting mix, don’t overlook the utility. Be sure the lights you choose for your work area support your needs. You’ll need the right amount of light to read, perform work-related tasks, and avoid eye strain.
    • Consider a layered approach! The technique of layering your home office task lighting can accomplish your goals. Layered lighting sources combine for the right touch of ambiance and functionality. You might find the ambiance you seek with ceiling-mounted fixtures, sconces or up lights. Next up, you can work in other task lights such as desk lamp or floor lamps.
  • Don’t distract from the task at hand! Your task lighting can (and should) add flair to your home office. However, it should not be a distraction from the reason you’re there – to get some work done. Make your visual statement with the help of task lighting but don’t overdo it.

Create The Perfect Reading Nook

Reading nooks can be anywhere. You might read at your desk, in a sunroom or in your bedroom. Wherever your reading nook exists, be sure to add the best light sources to support your love of books. Create a reading nook that is perfect for you and your space with these tips:

    • Keep it simple, silly! Simplicity in your lighting sources is important to making your reading nook inviting, relaxing and functional. Minimalistic lighting fixtures that are ultra-slim can save you space. Even if space is not limited, the simple lighting can keep your reading space airy and uncluttered. Sconce lighting or pendant lights are strong contenders for efficiency and simple design flair.
    • Factor in the natural light! It’s not always available, but if natural light shines into your reading nook, be sure to factor it into your lighting layout. Even if your natural light source is not enough to wholly light up your reading nook, consider it a partner to act side-by-side with your task lighting.
  • Again with the layers! Many reading nook designers get carried away with desk lights or floor lights and overlook the recessed or overhead light sources. The combined efforts of your floor or desk lamp with your recessed light create layers of illumination. The layers of lighting will enhance one another, making your reading area perfectly suited for an afternoon of reading.

Brush up on types of task light bulbs.

Your task lighting fixtures can come in a myriad of forms, but the bulbs are arguably even more important. Task lighting bulbs are typically LED, halogen and CFL (full spectrum). Here is the skinny on each option:

  • LED task light bulbs – LED is an energy efficient choice for just about any lighting application. LED task lighting offers higher contrasting cool light. LED light bulbs offer many pros in addition to being energy efficient such as:
      • Direct Illumination
      • Low Heat Production
      • Many color and style choices
    • Long Lifespan
  • CFL or full spectrum task light bulbs – CFL stands for compact fluorescent lighting. CFL bulbs are small fluorescent tubes which contain a mercury vapor that lights when energized. Your average CFL bulb will last 7,000 hours but must be disposed of at that point due to the mercury vapor. Pros of using this type of bulb include:
      • Low Cost and Long Life
      • Cool, High Contrast Light
    • Uses Less Energy With Low Heat
  • Halogen task light bulbs – Your halogen light bulbs will cast a warmer light source with less contrast which may not be optimal for tasks. In addition, the poor energy efficiency of the halogen bulb makes it the perfect candidate to bump for the more energy-efficient LED and CFL bulbs.

Your goals for your workspace may be higher productivity, the perfect reading nook or a home office for your family to share. Either way, the perfect task lighting can make or break the scene you desire to set. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your task lighting success, but there is one-stop to shop for your unique needs.

Check out three popular task lighting options:

    1. 77’” Atlas Floor Lamp – This floor lamp will shed light on your workspace and add just the right amount of style.
    1. LED Clip-On Lamp – Simple yet sleek with the energy-saving power of LED, this clip-on lamp works in any space for reading or task lighting.
  1. Reading Lamp Style – Your reading nook will be complete with the addition of this 38” reading lamp offering LED technology and American-made quality.

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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