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Aug 14, 2020

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7 Nature-Inspired Lighting Designs You’ll Love

The old saying “nature is cheaper than therapy” can explain why the nature-inspired lighting design trend has been steadily gaining in popularity. Natural elements have that unique ability to allow you to feel reconnected with yourself and the world in a calming and organic way.

Today’s lighting fixtures draw inspiration from various elements, including plants and trees, the ocean and celestial objects. These types of pieces, featuring a wide array of natural shapes and motifs, are an ideal way to bring the outdoors into your home environment this summer.

On Trend

Of course, the nature-inspired lighting trend is nothing new at all. However, it has been refreshingly updated for this season. While past iterations have tended to be a bit on the in-your-face side (think: starry-sky everything), you can now look forward to lighting fixtures that offer that natural look in a more subtle way.

One of the great things about the trend is that it’s an ideal way to blur the lines between your interior and exterior environments. It also integrates beautifully with modern, contemporary and minimalist interior themes, which is a key reason for its ever-growing popularity. In other words, if you’ve been looking to bring that natural vibe into your home, now is the time.

Common Elements

If you close your eyes and picture yourself in the most beautiful natural environment in which you’ve ever been, what do you see? The good news is, whatever you’re visualizing, it’s most likely available to you in the form of a lighting fixture.

This season you’ll enjoy your choice of a wide variety of motifs, including flora and fauna shades, and branch-like bases. You’ll find natural wood grains, including mixed wood, for a look and texture you’ll love. You can also count on plenty of other natural materials, including wicker, jute and rattan.

Get the Look

One of the many great things about the nature-inspired look is that it’s an easy vibe to achieve and there aren’t a ton of hard-and-fast rules when it comes to incorporating it. That said, you may benefit from a few helpful tips.

If you’re using elements that typically occupy the sky—like sky-hued blues, birds or stars—you might find that they work to their best effect in the higher reaches of your interior environment. If you’re using vibrant natural prints, like a floral shade on a lamp, try to keep the background behind the lamp neutral so the floral really pops. But in the end, don’t be too rigid. It only takes a glance at your favorite interior décor blog to see designers mixing bamboo lamps with mid-century interiors to realize almost anything goes.

Lighting Fixture Types

No matter what type of lighting fixture you’re looking for, you can be pretty sure that it’s available in a nature-inspired theme that you’ll adore. From pendants to wall sconces, to chandeliers, to bath vanity lights, you can enhance virtually any room or space of your home with a piece that has the desirable elements of the outdoors.

The great thing about having such a wide range of choices is that you can bring different elements of nature into different areas of your home. For example, a floral-theme light may work well in a bath environment, whereas a rattan lamp may work well in a casual living room.

7 Nature-Inspired Lighting Designs

There’s no doubt about it: nature is one of the key muses of today’s top lighting designers. They draw elements from the full spectrum of the natural world to enliven their fixtures and provide you with a lighting experience you won’t soon forget. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Banana Leaf 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Varaluz

When you want to indulge your tropical fantasy, look no further than the hand-forged steel Banana Leaf Wall Sconce by Varaluz. Originally designed for an oceanside hotel in South Beach, this leaf lighting is a great way to bring a luxury-level natural element into your favorite room.

Monarch 9 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

You’ll love the modern eclectic touch of the Monarch butterfly lamp, also by Varaluz. The perfect butterfly lighting, it’s infused with clean lines and an undeniable sleekness that will allow you to imbue your indoors with the essence of one of nature’s most whimsical creatures.

Corbett Lighting Jai-Alai 14 Inch LED Wall Sconce

Natural wicker and a flowery silhouette highlight the Jai-Ali LED Wall Sconce by Corbett Lighting, a great way to get that rustic outdoor look inside.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Featherette 4 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

Inspired by that which is airborne, the Featherette Chandelier, by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Corbett Lighting, brings a vivid textural and elegant charm to any space it occupies. Notably, this feather lamp offers a worn patina finish to enhance its natural character.

Aubrey 42 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Troy Lighting

You’ll be able to bring the French countryside into your home with the Aubrey by Troy Lighting. This leaf chandelier has a candelabra base and will add a light touch of rustic elegance to your home.

SONNEMAN Vines LED Pendant

The Vines LED Pendant by SONNEMAN is enticing in its branch-style design and open silhouette. Its frame features a collection of slender metal stems that move about in an organic, untamed pattern for a vine lighting style that effortlessly grabs attention.

floral embellishment shea bath vanity light by Mitzi

Mitzi Shea 16 Inch 3 Light Bath Vanity Light by Mitzi

Floral embellishments and an overall contemporary style highlight the Shea Bath Vanity Light by Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting. There’s no easier way to bring the harmony of nature into your home than with this flower lamp.

Earthly Simplicity

Our world is increasingly eschewing that which is natural for that which is artificial, overly complex and tends to dull our senses. On the contrary, decorating with nature-inspired lighting elements and motifs offers a much-needed freshness, simplicity and joy.

By incorporating your favorite elements of nature in your home, you will not only enhance the space for the season but also do wonders for your overall sense of wellbeing.