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Oct 12, 2018


5 Quirky Lighting Trends That We Can Get Behind

Your home should be as unique as you. Whether it’s sleek and modern or cozy country, it should speak your language. Of course, that doesn’t mean every inch of space needs to be full of intrigue. A few splashes of character here and there will do. In fact, you can make a defining impact with something as small as a piece of quirky lighting.

To give you a better idea of what you can accomplish, here are some quirky lighting trends that are sure to catch your eye. Not to worry. This isn’t a round-up of leg lamps a la “A Christmas Story.” These unusual lamps and lights are all completely consumer-friendly. Thanks to geometric shapes, neon bulbs and various forms of texture, this list has a little something for everyone without going over the edge.

  1. Geometric Shapes

Globes are good and triangle lamp shades are classic, but there are so many other shapes to adore. Thankfully, designers like Robert Sonneman are breaking the mold with new cuts and angles. Some are so edgy, they look like rock formations, while others are simple twists on the old sphere.

Where it works best: Dining rooms and entryways are two of the best places to hang a statement piece. For one, the ceilings are usually vaulted or raised enough so that you can fit a long pendant. But also, these rooms greet the most guests. If you want to show off your style, pick a geometric light fixture and give it a big stage to perform.


When it comes to breaking the mold, Sonneman has cracked the egg. The Sonneman Waveforms 2674 has a sweet apricot center that’s only visible because of the unique wave cut. This is the perfect example of making something so classic seem extraordinary.

For something a bit bolder, Sonneman offers his new Facets™ Collection. Available as a single fixture or grouped pendant, the crystal-like shapes are a true work of art.

They say a diamond’s worth a thousand words. The Varaluz 236P01 has prismatic cuts that come in three different finishes for every level of glam: forged iron, silver leaf, and gold leaf.

  1. Paper Lanterns

The 1990s called, and they’re ready to revive those paper lanterns. These aren’t the neon-colored kind you find at the Dollar Store for your kid’s birthday party. Today’s paper lantern is more of a nod to the nineties. You get the thin, crinkly texture of paper, but the style of something more sturdy and practical.

Where it works best: Paper lanterns don’t emit enough light to function as task lighting. They’re best for giving life to a dark corner in your living room or serving as a bedside luminary.


The Adesso 8021 Dune lamp features a collapsible paper shade that gives off an ombre range of light. The natural wood base fits right in with a modern design.

This cool Craftsman piece has a paper string finish, giving it that feel of a paper lantern but with added unique details.

  1. Plaster White

Think back to kindergarten art projects and Plaster of Paris may spring to mind. Though your tiny hand imprinted in a piece of wall art is cute, white plaster lighting is something you’ll actually want to hang for years to come. The best part is it can play dress up or serve as pop art, depending on the style of lighting you choose. Plaster lends Provincial charm when paired with wood floors and florals. But hang a plaster white sconce on a sunshine yellow wall, and you get the makings of something more modern.

Where it works best: Your dining room or eat-in-kitchen calls for a plaster white chandelier. If you’d prefer a small splatter of plaster, stick with sconces in the hallway. Just make sure your walls aren’t covered in a pattern to prevent competing with the coveted texture of plaster.


The Murray Feiss Annie Chandelier has a more traditional design, but it still adequately boasts the nuance of white plaster.

If you broke off a piece of Murray Feiss Annie chandelier, you’d have these whimsical wall sconces that throw light up toward the ceiling at varying heights.

  1. Smart, Multi-Colored Lighting

Smart, multi-colored lighting systems are an easy way to add personality. Plus, it’s a fast-growing trend, which means more and more options will become available as the industry innovates for residential uses.

The smart lighting market is expected to grow 20 percent from 2018 to 2024, exceeding the $24-billion mark, according to the Lighting Controls Association. And the LED segment is expected to hold a majority share. “As LED technology has emerged as a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lighting systems, the adoption of LED bulbs has rapidly increased over the past five years,” reports Global Market Insights.

Where it works best: Colorful LED lighting is most impactful when it’s used as an accent. That said, it can literally complement any room of your house – even your outdoor living space. If using it inside, try it under the kitchen cabinets or under your bed frame. On the deck or around the pool, LED light fixtures can be a conversation piece. Get creative with it!


Screwed into a wall sconce, the Bulbrite LED bulb brings a bright pop of purple to an otherwise drab hallway or abandoned guestroom.

This home was outfitted with long, multi-colored bulbs that work perfectly as insets in the entryway.

  1. Animal Invasion

Animal lovers, rejoice. Quirky lighting wouldn’t be complete without some help from furry friends. Whether it’s a porcelain parrot or modest monkey, animals infuse happiness into your home. This may be the most unique trend of all, but it’s the one that could also get the most attention. If you’re willing to go out on a limb,

Where it works best: You could go the obvious route and put an animal lamp in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. But if you want it to stand out and make a statement, create a spot for your creature in the living room.


Wake up to the Lladro Parrot Night Right on your nightstand. You get the pick-me-up of a perched bird outside your window without the disturbingly loud chirps of a real bird.

The Meyda Lighting Frog Tiffany Glass is more than a quirky lamp. The three-dimensional sculpture is made with hundreds of hand-cut pieces for an elegant accessory to any room.

Final Thought

It’s easy to forget what lighting brings to a room. But with these quirky lighting ideas, you get much more than a functional fixture. You get dimension, color, and pizazz that can completely transform a space – if not your entire home.