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Sep 21, 2018


Modern Lighting: How to Capture the Design Style

If the lighting in your home is overlooked, outdated or just plain out of style, a modern look might be in order. Modern lighting can make the difference between a drab, boring interior to an exciting atmosphere with ambiance and flair. Modern lighting, however popular as it may be, is often misunderstood or misused. Before we begin to explore how to capture this style of lighting for our unique space, let’s start with some history and definitions.

The history and meaning of modern lighting as a design style

What is modern lighting and how does it compare to contemporary?

It might seem like mere semantics or a mincing of words, but there is a difference between these two terms. While both modern lighting and contemporary lighting can be minimal, simplistic and neutral in color, there are some distinct variations. One of the main differences between these two popular design philosophies comes down to timing. The term contemporary relates to now. It’s current and therefore, can fluctuate based on the trends of today. Modern lighting and design refer to a design style created in the 1920′s – 1950′s.

What are the elements of modern lighting and design?

Modern lighting generally follows in line with a strict design format of balance, clean lines, and minimal decor. The trends are that classified modern work well in just about any room or space of your home. Modern lighting and design applications can enhance your kitchen, living, bedroom, dining, foyer/entry, bathroom, and even your home’s exterior spaces. The use of modern lighting adds an eclectic statement that ties your space together and adds continuity throughout your home.

Modern pendants can make a statement anywhere.

Pendant lighting is a top choice for task areas such as kitchens and offices but can add flair and utility to just about anywhere in your home. Your modern pendants, as a general rule of thumb, should hang approximately 12-20 inches for space with 8-foot ceilings. (Add 3 inches for each additional foot of ceiling height).
Dimmers are an excellent choice for your modern pendants to add more functionality and mood-setting ambiance options.

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Modern Pendants

Have some fun with your modern pendants The playful Swing by Modern Forms is a creative application of the modern lighting look using LED technology and luminaire design sparkle in a chrome frame. These elements create a fun and modern pendant that can make an eye-catching statement in a bar area, a kitchen or a hallway.

A touch of color for your modern styleElla pendants offer soft colors and attractive glass shades with warm LED or Halogen light to compliment your modern design.

Cracked glass modern pendant lights to make a statement – Your choice in this Rhu pendant can transform your room. Using crackled glass, it becomes a piece of art as well as a light source in any space.

Modern chandeliers for a modern design element.

Chandeliers are a popular way to add a unique touch to the modern interior. With so many options, from large to mini, and from classic to vintage, your choices of chandeliers are practically endless. Chandeliers are, of course, perfect for your dining area but can be utilized in practically any room of the house to make a lighting statement that reflects your modern design tastes. Be sure to consider the space of your room and the height of your ceilings when choosing the perfect chandelier to add to your home.

Modern Chandeliers

Add elegant function to your space – This beautiful chandelier designed by Ian Fowler is playful and impossible to miss in your modern home.

Simplicity wins in the modern lighting decor – With options for textured Bronze, a brushed brass, or gloss opal glass, you can truly customize this elegant chandelier from Troy Lighting to fit your tastes and complement your decor.

Dynamic function adds to your modern look – The Stacked Chandelier by Modern Forms brings modern design and lighting together to fit your lighting need while simultaneously adding to your modern aesthetic.

Modern floor and table lamps add minimalistic flair.

Your modern lighting plan should include layers, contrasts, and subtleties that light up your home as well as continue the modern design theme throughout. One excellent way to achieve that is with the addition of modern floor and table lamps. They’ll be perfect additions to hallways, foyers and task areas such as offices or reading nooks.

Modern Table and Floor Lamps

Colors or neutral options abound with this stylishly modern table lamp – This mid-century modern table lamp from Visual Comfort Coy is available in a variety of colors. Keep it neutral or add a splash of color with choices ranging from Aqua Crackle, Cinnabar, Ivory, Lime, Matte Bronze to Matte Sky Blue finish.

Make a statement with a stunning floor lamp – This Aerin Clarkson floor lamp from Visual Comfort is available in Black and Brass and Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass finish is a marvel to behold. It’s the perfect piece of beauty to add light to any bedroom, living room or office.

Sleek modern floor lamps to continue your design – For any space that needs additional light and a splash of modern flair, choose the Ojai by Jonathan Adler . This mid-century piece is offered in a classic polished nickel finish.

The modern style offers a clean and unadorned look that incorporates natural undertones, colors, and materials. If this is the design style you seek for your home, you’ll add a variety of natural materials like wood, leather, teak, and linen to complete your modern aesthetic. Your mid-century modern style is complete with the addition of modern lighting fixtures throughout. This versatile design style allows for many options of lighting fixtures from pendants to floor lamps to chandeliers that can complete your modern interior. You can even take your modern style goals outside with creative lighting tips from Capitol Lighting – and when you’re ready, we’ve got thousands of modern lighting options for you to consider!

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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