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Jan 5, 2018


Old vs. New Texas Lighting Styles

The Dallas/Austin Interior Design Throw down

Dallas is known for football and cheerleaders, being home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and ultra-friendly residents. Austin is known for being a lively college town, having a thriving music scene and grilling up some of the most delish barbecue in the country. Both cities are also well known for something else: unique interior design styles that are heavily influenced by their respective histories and local vibes. As you look for ways to enhance the interior of your own home environment, perhaps you can take inspiration from the exceptional styles of these two great Texas cities.   

  Old Texas – Dallas

Ain’t It Grand

They say everything is bigger in Texas. In Dallas, you could say everything is grander, too, including the interior design style. Grand design characteristic may include pleating and tufting of furniture fabrics, elements of shiny metals or items that are simply larger than you might expect. An oversized chandelier is a prime example of this type of grandeur. The Fusion Dakota Chandelier by Justice Design Group, featuring three-tiers of artisan glass cylinder shades, and luxurious finish options including dark bronze, exemplifies this grand Dallas style.

Justice Design Group Fusion 42 Inch Wide 36 Light Chandelier

Country Living

Need a breath of fresh air? Add some rustic, homespun, Dallas-inspired country design elements to your interiors. The style is wide-ranging, but for starters think primitive furniture, vintage fabrics and milk-paint finishes. Baskets, pottery and wooden bowls can be a great way to bring out this look, too. When it comes time to light your country room, go for old world ornamentation and heirloom durability with a piece like the Yorktown Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Yorktown 30 Inch Wide 6 Light Chandelier

Classic Cool

If you want a master class in traditional style, then look to Dallas. Perhaps nowhere else will you find such a prevalence of comforting and classic interiors. Spaces that are calm, orderly and predictable in a good way, and that are imbued with deep wood tones, textile fabrics and architecturally detailed lighting fixtures. The Berwick Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting is a prime example, with square candlesticks sitting upon square bobeches and richly pleated shades.

New Texas – Austin

Less is More

Minimalism is one of the most influential interior design styles today and Austin has embraced it in its own, cool way. It’s a city where you’ll find plenty of interiors with high quality and beautiful materials that are allowed to stand on their own. Think low, clean-lined furniture, monochromatic colors and shiny metals like stainless steel and chrome. Simple and natural forms are also key, as exemplified by SONNEMAN’s Sword LED Sconce, a geometric blade of light formed out of sleek aluminum.  

Industrial Chic

It doesn’t take more than a quick look at many of Austin’s restaurants and bars to see that industrial design elements are now de rigueur. Whether it’s bare beams, visible ductwork and exposed pipes, or contrasting high-gloss metal finishes and rustic furniture, Austin has the form and function of this style down pat. And the good news? This style translates beautifully to your home interior. Get this look started with the Reel Wall Sconce by Varaluz, industrial to the core with hand-worked recycled steel, vintage Edison-style bulbs and a rustic bronze finish.

Varaluz Reel 11 Inch Wide Wall Sconce

Urban Modern

You can think of urban modern interior design as the softer, more cosmopolitan side of industrial design. Its purpose is to create an environment that’s a haven for R&R. You can be certain that trend-setting Austinites are taking to this style like ducks to water. Brick walls, thick rugs, floor-to-ceiling windows, along with neutral colors and plush furniture are just some of the elements of what an urban modern space should have. Troy Lighting’s Menlo Park Wall Sconce, with stainless steel and solid brass turnbuckle-style cables, and historic pressed glass insulators, would also fit in nicely.

Troy Lighting Menlo Park 26 Inch Wide 5 Light Chandelier

Now that you’re familiar with the differing and alluring interior design styles of these two great Texas cities, how will it influence your own home interior? Whether you go with an old Dallas style, a new Austin style, or even a bit of both, you can take comfort in the fact that your interior space is going to look and feel amazing.    

Pro Tip: Authentic-looking Texas-style interior design pieces can come from many places. Definitely check southwestern-style furniture galleries and shop online, but don’t forget to hit the local flea market and take a look in grandma’s attic to find hidden treasures you might not find anywhere else.