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Jan 12, 2018


Florida Lighting – Sun-Soaked Styles You’ll Love

Discover Southern Florida’s Most Scorching Interiors

Mention southern Florida to almost anyone and you’ll instantly stoke their imagination with a sense of wonder and warmth. After all, the region is home to an incredible diversity of people, an inviting climate year-round, world-class cuisine and shopping and, of course, mile after mile of gorgeous beaches. Plus, if you’re an interior design lover, southern Florida is peerless. From the modernist design of Miami, to the high-end luxury of Boca Raton, to the old world style of Key West, there’s something to inspire you. Let’s take a closer look at the styles of these three locales so you can get a better feel for what they entail and how you can incorporate one or more of them into your living environment.

Yesterday’s Future – Miami Modern

Interior of modern dining room — Image by © Ocean/Corbis

When you think of Miami Modern (MIMO) design, your first thought might be the wildly inventive futuristic interior architecture of prominent Miami hotels that went up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. There’s no doubt that the fluid asymmetry, shapes and curves, along with high-energy colors that designers at the time incorporated, defined the style. But as you look for practical ways to incorporate MIMO into your living environment today, think timeless resort-style oceanic elements like aquas and blues for everything from tiles to rugs. Feel free to use animal prints liberally, on everything from wallpaper to footstools, as they help to create a sense of the exotic. Also, choose lighting to draw in the eye and impress. The Corona 32 LED ring pendant by SONNEMAN offers a circular profile of light that floats within a space of air. Its warm ringed glow of internally focused LED illumination provides both the presence and the absence of volume.

Boca Raton – Beverly Hills Style on the East Coast

Corbett Lighting Vixen Large Pendant

It’s meant as compliment and it’s taken as such – Boca Raton is the Beverly Hills of Florida and, it has the high-end interiors to prove it. If you want to draw inspiration from Boca’s style, natural materials, rich textures and an overall feeling of lavishness are key. Go for indulgent furniture and invest in a stately daybed or an African Bubunga wood coffee table. Create a spa-like atmosphere in the bath environment with glistening mosaic tiles and sumptuous accessories. Most importantly, always choose atmospheric lighting that makes a statement in its own right. The Vixen Chandelier by Corbett Lighting is luxury defined, with a singular and seductive shade that’s actually a drape comprised of multiple jewelry chains.

Key West – Old-world Charm Today

The tropical, Bohemian, old-world charm of Key West suited Earnest Hemingway just fine. Drawing inspiration from the island’s interiors can do wonders for your living space. Create a vintage motif in the living room with a warm palette of cream, beige and taupe. Use textures like honeycomb patterns to enliven the space. Turn a room, like the master bedroom, into a jungle room with items like old photos, prints, paintings, books, pottery and bottles. Then, light up the cabana with the Mendocino Outdoor Hanging Lantern by Troy Lighting. Offering a warm welcome on a misty night, the Mendocino features an authentic lantern look highlighted by a metal cuff embellished with punched circles and quatrefoils.

Troy Lighting Mendocino Pendant Light

Taking design inspiration from southern Florida, a region that has long and successfully been cultivating its designer style and status, very well could be one of the best things you could do for your home. Regardless of whether it’s Miami, Boca Raton, Key West or a combination of all three styles that’s more your style, you’ll undoubtedly evolve your interior in a way that beautifully enhances your home environment.

Pro Tip: The best southern Florida interiors almost always have bold artwork. Artwork adds character, charm and often color to your space. It’s also a great way to show off your personality. Best of all, great artwork can be found almost anywhere and on virtually any budget.