Consultative Approach to Lighting Design Brings Client's Vision to Light

CASE STUDY // Single Family Home Renovation


26 Garfield Terrace, Long Branch, NJ 07740

2636 sq. ft.; 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths

Timeline: Approx. 6 months


An architect building a custom home needed the assistance of the lighting experts at CapitolPRO to supply high-end, decorative, and architectural downlighting fixtures to fit the specified lighting design plan. The renderings were already created, and lighting needed to match them as closely as possible. The goal was to create a custom look that combined natural light with artificial lighting.

In addition, the client was in Long Branch, and the CapitolPRO team was in Paramus, so most consultations were done over Zoom.


The CapitolPRO team began with a consultation to determine the project’s needs and requirements. We worked closely with our architect/client to ensure that the result would meet the predetermined lighting plan. We recommended dimmers and controls to create layers of light and used lighting to segment the different areas of the open concept spaces. Leveraging our vendor relationships, we worked around supply chain issues to ensure on-time delivery.

We were able to get the right product from the right manufacturer and keep the project on schedule, while also meeting the requirements of the lighting design plan.


  • Use expertise to build trust with the client
  • Develop a lighting plan that meets the client's vision
  • Leverage vendor relationships to keep the project on schedule
  • Provide excellent service from beginning to end


This custom project required open communication, focused project management, and on-time delivery. The CapitolPRO team’s consultative and collaborative approach helped us meet their vision.

Ensured pre-selected products would provide the correct amount of light

Offered ideas and applications based on the client’s style and needs

Provided focused project management and facilitated on-time delivery of lighting

Saved client nearly $8,500

“CapitolPRO provided everything I specified on time and on budget. They were attentive and honorable. I recommend doing business with them.”

Ed Kopel