Project Experience & Inventory Access Improve Timeline and Increase Savings

CASE STUDY // Mixed Use Multi-Family Condos and Rental Apartment Building


Altís Little Havana, 212-Unit Luxury Apartment Building, Miami, Florida


The developer of a mixed-use luxury condo and rental unit building, Altís Little Havana, needed a company to provide lighting for all 212 units and all common areas. The project required track lighting for all apartments, fans for the bedrooms, recessed lighting in common areas, including hallways and stairway corridors, as well as lighting in the parking garage, dog walking area, and pool area. I


After weighing budgetary concerns against time restraints, the CapitolPro team drafted an effective value engineering strategy. They drew on their in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce delays in the project. The team leveraged deep resources and long-term vendor relationships to offer crossover products to fulfill the lighting specifications, provide exactly what is needed for the job, and save the client $85,000. In addition, the fans first chosen were the wrong size for the space. The team was able to exchange them for the correct ones without causing a delay. The project engineer had quoted inverters throughout the building, and the chosen fixtures came with battery backup kits. The team caught the issue and brought it to the engineer’s attention. Because the building had inverters, there was no need for the fixtures to have the battery backup kit. Switching to an inverter system yielded an additional $95,000 in savings. The CapitolPro team has extensive experience in these jobs and used the blueprints to calculate their own numbers. This allowed them to see where they could reduce costs and avoid time delays.


  • Supply all lighting and fans for living spaces, common areas, parking garage, hallways and stairways, and retail space
  • Take advantage of crossover value engineering to reduce lighting costs
  • Supply vandal-proof lighting for the gym, which is usually outsourced without the right vendor
  • Use experience and inventory knowledge to save the client money and time
  • Provide hands-on, detailed expertise from beginning to end


This project required a variety of lighting for several different areas. Utilizing their expertise on these types of projects, inventory knowledge, and value engineering, CapitolPro submitted a lower bid and stayed on budget. By focusing on every detail, they found additional savings and helped keep the project on schedule so that no inspections were delayed due to lighting. Delivered lighting

Saved client $85K with crossover value engineering

Found extra $95K in savings through product knowledge

Switched out fans that were too small for the space without causing delay

Delivered lighting on time despite supply chain disruptions

“Our project was designed, planned, and delivered on time and, most importantly, on budget. They offer a unique level of service beyond what I’ve experienced sourcing lighting in my 20-year career.”

Fernando Ortiz
Property Services Warranty, Inc.