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Mar 20, 2013


Lighting Fixtures from Holtkotter Lighting Offer Outstanding Illumination

Establish the Perfect Balance with the Latest Lighting Tips

Achieving balance is key to efficient, effective unifying lighting design.  The latest lighting designer tips will help you get there:

– Balance the light and dark with accent lighting –show off artwork, highlight textures, focus on centerpieces with strategically placed accent lighting.  Try new adjustable recessed, track and/or rail lighting to provide the exact illumination.

-Balance the day and night with smart lighting –the ultimate lighting plan should make use of natural illumination and day-to-day schedules in order to save on energy costs and employ artificial light precisely when and where it is needed.  Dimmers and automated controls have become integral to the newest decorative lamps.  Mix portable lamps with ceiling fixtures to achieve balance and create an environment that effortlessly adapts to changing seasons and necessary light adjustments.

-Balance illumination for safety and security without sacrificing aesthetic considerations.  Decorative wall sconces elegantly provide additional illumination for safe navigation while freeing up floor space and tabletops.

-Balance the need to budget and the desire to splurge—come up with a lighting plan uniquely suited to your comfort and creative desires.  You do not have to spend a lot to gain a lot when you custom design a home lighting plan. Choose to splurge on an elegant chandelier; go for affordable, Energy Smart wall sconces or portable lamps to unify the design.

Get your home in balance for 2013.  Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for more information on lighting your home efficiently. Advice is free and the illuminations are plentiful!

Shop or your nearest Capitol Lighting showroom to experience the latest innovations at unbeatable promotional prices, including:

-The LED version of Holtkotter’s “Bernie” Turbo swing-arm floor lamp, one of the year’s “Lighting for Tomorrow” winners in Residential Lighting Magazine.  State of the art controls that allow a delayed dimming to make for a safe exit from a room or a gradual cycling through dimming levels to select the perfect lighting level.  Available in satin nickel, chrome, hand-brushed old bronze or polished brass with LED reflectors and side-line dimmers, the Bernie Chairside Reading Lamp features a soft light distribution, reduced shadows and improved heat dispersion.

Other shining examples of Holtkotter Lighting’s advanced technology and design:

– Holtkotter Lighting’s  “Saturday Nite Lights”, sophisticated table lamps with full range dimmers.

-Holtkotter Lighting’s  The “Illuminator”, a basic and bountiful floor lamp available in a choice of 4 finish and 5 shade options.

-Holtkotter Lighting’s  The “Light Cannon,” a substantial and attractive Energy Smart 74” torchiere floor lamp.

-Holtkotter Lighting’s “Voila”, sleek and stylish wall sconces.

-Holtkotter Lighting’s “Counter Balance,” low voltage and dimmable chandeliers and island lights where modern art meets home illumination, available in a choice of finishes including satin nickel and hand brushed old bronze with a choice of shade options including zebra, etched snow ellipse, and sunset.

-Holtkotter Lighting’s The “Bedside” collection, stylish energy-efficient adjustable reading lamps available in choice finishes and a variety of sizes complete with Holtkotter’s Halostar* bulbs and full range dimmers.

*With a compact design found only in low-voltage lighting, this spectacular bulb, the Osram Halopar 16, completes Holtkotter Spotlights with sparkle and shine while using standard in-line voltage.

Enjoy all that Holtkotter has to offer:  LED, Energy Smart wall swing lamps, reading lights, sconces and flush fixtures. State of the art spotlights, task lights for bedside reading or accent lighting for focus on your home’s artistic elements.   Take advantage of the most affordable prices of the season at Capitol Lighting.

Holtkotter’s Ultimate Lighting Machines are the result of decades of dedicated research and development. Discover how to upgrade your home with a contemporary lamp, ceiling lighting fixtures, bedroom lighting and wall lights from Holtkotter Lighting

Highlighting Balance in the Bedroom with Capitol Lighting

Bedroom lighting designs should create an oasis of serenity, while coordinating ambient and task lighting catering to the specific lifestyle and needs of the homeowner(s).  Ideal plans should take into account 7 Points of Light.

7 Points of Light for Balanced Bedroom Lighting:

  1. Bedroom chandeliers and centrally located decorative ceiling fixtures provide general or ambient lighting.   Designers are employing the elegant chandelier as a unifying piece in bedroom decorative schemes, and the lighting industry has followed suit with some of the most outstanding decorative bedroom fixtures from traditional, transitional, and ultra modern concepts.
  2. Some homeowners may prefer to install a bedroom fan as the centrally located fixture.  Decorative fans work well in the bedroom, as long as you supplement with sufficient general illumination.  Rather than installing a light kit, consider coordinating recessed downlights and wall sconces for general illumination.
  3. At the vanity or dressing table, adjustable illumination and magnifying mirrors work well for make-up application and grooming. Ceiling fixtures designed with adjustable spotlights may provide general, as well as task lighting.
  4. For closets, recessed or surface-mounted ceiling fixtures are best.  Check building codes to make sure closet fixtures comply with regulations.  Certain ceiling fixtures may emit too much heat or may be too large for closet regulations due to potential fire hazard risks.
  5. For bedsides, provide the perfect bedroom lighting balance with table lamps or wall swing lamps.   Adjustable track, recessed or flush mounted spotlights are also efficient at supplying plentiful reading light.  Swing arm floor lamps are another option.  New and improved reading lamps are a great investment to upgrade bedrooms for 2012.
  6. Track lighting is superb for children’s bedrooms.  The freedom of track or rail lighting allows for swiveling, rotating and redirecting focused light to adapt to changing needs as children grow up.
  7. Integrated dimming systems and automated controls bring it all together to provide a unifying, energy-efficient lighting design.

Capitol Lighting Uncovers the Secrets to “Bedroom Eyes”

As our eyes age, they become more sensitive to differences in light levels; layering artificial light sources will make these adjustments from light to darkness easier.  Superb bedroom lighting must include both focused task illumination and surrounding ambient light to mitigate the potential for glare that older eyes may encounter while reading or watching TV at bedtime.

Capitol’s Professional Lighting Consultants Provide the Answers:

  • How do you illuminate for comfort and serenity, while ensuring plentiful task lighting in the bedroom?Creating an evenly balanced dispersion of illumination significantly enhances comfort and reduces eyestrain. Most centrally located decorative ceiling fixtures supply 200-300 watts of incandescent illumination; floor lamps, table lamps and sconces usually supply from 75-150 watts each.  Switching to halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED (light-emitting diode) uses considerably less electricity and is best for focused task illumination.
  • Are LED lamps appropriate for bedroom lighting?It is important that bedroom lighting is subdued and unobtrusive.  Adjustable LED reading lamps work well for bedside reading, but most are too bright for ambient illumination.  LED technology is improving rapidly, but incandescent lamps are still the best choice for bedroom lighting due to their softer quality of light and better dimming capabilities.
  • How much illumination is required for reading comfort?Reading comfort is based on individual preference, so it is best to have individually controlled reading lights on either side of the bed in a master bedroom.  Reading lamps, accompanied by evenly dispersed general illumination is preferable to enhance comfort and reduce glare.
  • What else is required to supply plentiful well-dispersed task illumination in the bedroom?Bedroom task lighting must provide for a range of activities from early morning grooming to late night reading. Bulb selection and dimming controls are of utmost importance when incorporating bedroom lighting that will easily adjust from plentiful task lighting to soft ambient illumination.  Skin tones look most flattering in medium to warm color temperatures, so choose bulbs ranging from 2700K to 3000K with a CRI (color rendering index) between 80 and 100.  Also, opt for frosted white bulbs over clear.
  • How do I supply enough light for safety and security, without creating a bedroom that is overly illuminated?Night lighting for safety and security may be provided with integrated dimming systems, light and heat sensors and automated timers. Newer systems also help to control energy consumption and reduce electric bills.
  • What if you do not want to invest in hiring an electrician?Floor lamps, torch lamps, and table lamps are available in a myriad of styles and sizes.  Technological advancements in lamp options and dimming capabilities have allowed for a greater use of portable lamps to achieve a balanced lighting design. It is possible to illuminate the bedroom using portable lamps, but lighting techniques will be limited and floor space, as well as night table space will be compromised.

Consult with the lighting experts at Capitol Lighting for more information and to custom design a bedroom lighting plan to satisfy all of your needs and desires.