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Billiard Lighting and Game Room Lighting

Keep your eye on the eight ball with designer billiard lights.

From the drawing rooms of British gentry to the sports bars of American cities, billiards is a game with a posh pedigree. It requires skill and accuracy, so your billiard lighting is key to victory. Even if you prefer ping-pong, air hockey or Foosball, you should carefully select a specially designed billiard table light. We have collected a fine selection of billiard lighting and pool table lights at for your perusal.

The Anatomy of Game Table Lights

A well-lit game room is a busy game room, so be sure to install the right kind of billiard table light. Ideally, pool table lights will provide the directed wattage you need when lining up a tough shot without the reflective glare that challenges your accuracy. That is one reason traditional billiard lighting, such as many of the game table lights by Dale Tiffany, Landmark Lighting and Meyda Lighting, features a shade that concentrates illumination directly downward.

Also, pendant lighting is often best for a pool table light because you can position it at a precise distance from the game table for optimum visibility and adjust it if necessary. You wouldn’t want particularly tall guests to bonk their heads on the fixture or shorter guests to be frustrated by poor visibility. If you have cathedral ceilings in your home, you might want to add extensions when suspending your billiard table light to maximize its effectiveness.

Billiard Lights for Festive Game Room Flair

Keep in mind when shopping 1800Lighting for game table lights that they should help promote a festive atmosphere. After all, your billiards room is a place where people should enjoy themselves. Many of our designs from top manufacturers feature colorful stained glass that not only sets a celebratory tone for the room but also adds a fun, vintage verve to the setting. You can even order a personalized pool table light from such manufacturers as Meyda Lighting to put a playful signature on the game room while laying claim to your space.

If you prefer a more elegant setting for fun and games, look into pendant designs by Arroyo Craftsman, Elk Lighting and many of our other manufacturers. You can design your entire game room around a distinctive pool table light. Whether contemporary, vintage, casual or classic defines your style, it’s a safe wager that you will find the fixture to enhance your entertainment room at

PRO TIP: The ideal distance between your billiard lighting and your table ranges from 36 to 42 inches. You should make sure that the billiard table light illuminates the entire table surface, all the way to the edges.

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Pool table lights from top name brands give your game room the expertly lit result you are aiming for while adding unique vibrancy to your surroundings. They provide an authentic craftsman flair that is warm and inviting.