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Tiffany Glass Lighting Style

Uncovering the history and present day popularity of handmade lighting fixtures

The Tiffany Tradition

A Tiffany lamp is a style of fixture commonly associated with the Art Nouveau movement. The term is sometimes used broadly to refer to stained glass but it gets its name from the original creator and design director, Louis Comfort Tiffany – the son of Tiffany & Co. founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany.

The first Tiffany lamp was produced around 1895. In line with Tiffany’s vision that nature should inspire design, each piece featured elements of nature or geometric shapes to create intricate patterns. Each lamp was handmade by Louis himself or by an artist in his studio.

The bases of the lamps were typically sculpted from bronze with shades created from hundreds of cut glass shapes fashioned together with copper foil. These works of art took many hours of skilled craftsmanship to complete and remain popular to this day, thanks to their complex beauty.

Tiffany Today

Many companies have taken inspiration from the original Tiffany lamps to reproduce their own designs. One of the leading Tiffany style manufacturers is Dale Tiffany, founded in 1979. Dale Tiffany soon became the first factory worldwide to standardize stained glass production, creating affordable high-quality lighting products that previously had been out of reach to the average consumer.

Today, Dale Tiffany is the world’s foremost designer and manufacturer of fine art Tiffany table lamps, stained glass lights and home accents. Using only the highest quality, genuine, hand-rolled art glass, Dale Tiffany offers an extensive range of designs utilizing the authentic copper foil glass assembly technique originally developed by L.C. Tiffany over 100 years ago.

Inspired by the legendary work of Tiffany, Philip J. Handel, Pairpoint, and Frank Lloyd Wright, featuring stained glass, reverse-painted glass and Favrile hand-blown glass, Dale Tiffany captures the timelessness of America’s classic designers and offers unique designs that blend perfectly with today’s current home fashion trends and lifestyles.

Tiffany Tips

Tiffany lighting is a great place to start when decorating a room. Tiffany fixtures are versatile with endless design options to match your personality regardless of your style preference. The Dale Tiffany Windham Torchiere Lamp features a dark antique bronze finish and hand rolled art glass that fits easily into any décor scheme.

Tiffany style is known for its bright colors and intricate patterns, like those in the Dale Tiffany Zenia Rose Table Lamp. These pieces make a bold statement to help guide your other décor decisions.

If you just want a touch of Tiffany, The Dale Tiffany Mission Wall Sconce with art glass crystal peony adds illumination to your hallway, entryway or living area without disrupting the existing design of your space.

Beyond Tiffany style lighting, Dale Tiffany also offers home accents to brighten your space. The Wrightwood Alternative Wall Art collection offers décor items to help express your unique style and taste. These Favrile art glass plates can be hung alone or in multiples or even displayed as a centerpiece on a dining or coffee table.

The beauty and boldness of Tiffany glass is easily balanced by selecting furniture and décor elements that complement your style. Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or to take a closer look at Tiffany!

PRO TIP: The intricate details and delicate nature of Tiffany glass shades can make them seem intimidating to clean. When cleaning tiffany products made of stained or transparent glass, stay away from harsh chemicals like ammonia. Try a feather duster or a soft cloth to gently wipe the glass with an oil-based furniture polish or household cleaner.

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The intricate details and delicate nature of Tiffany glass adds a unique flair to any room.