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Designers Talk Latest Trends

We recently had a group of designers sit down with us and one of our vendors, Hinkley Lighting, to discuss what they liked, what they can’t get enough of and what they think will embody the next “wow” factor in lighting design. This round table of designers, architects and lighting experts provided insight into the latest trends, designs, and what their clients can’t get enough of.

Designer Talk: Coveted Looks


Orbs, Smooth Curves and Spherical designs continue to shine—a timeless feature in lighting and furnishings being reinvented in brilliant new ways.

 Atrium_3275BZ_2    Featured: Hinkley Lighting Atrium Chandelier

Bold Architectural and Industrial Compositions

The architectural aspect of lighting is gaining prominence. Architects appreciate that lighting designers are devising lighting fixtures that merge with the building, incorporating the identity of the structure into the lighting fixtures.

Clayton_2435GS_1 Featured: Hinkley Lighting Clayton Outdoor Wall Light

Big Scale Chandeliers and Large Foyer Fixtures

We want more large scale, extraordinary, fixtures that provide a “wow” factor!

Gemma_Margeaux_FR33736VBZ_3580VS_1 Featured: Fredrick Ramond Gemma Large Pendant

Nostalgic Bulbs

We cannot get enough of these light sources; they look excellent in retro-industrial fixtures, as well as classic traditional and modern compositions.  New LED nostalgia-style bulbs are down the pike with better color rendition and energy-saving benefits.

Kichler_Everly_42046OZ_Kitchen Featured: Kichler Everly Mini Pendant 


Modern-contemporary styles are soaring.  Even some customers with very traditional homes are embracing new modern-contemporary designs.  Possibly, because many customers are downsizing in their homes and looking to lighten up the feel and decrease the maintenance factor.  With grandchildren in the mix, they are looking for less fancy, more functional pieces in their homes.

23_cirrus_model_3805bn Featured: Hinkley Lighting Cirrus Island Light 


LED is huge for us.  Not only because it is cutting edge, but also because LED light fixtures fit building codes—especially in spaces like closets where there are strict building codes and limitations on the type of lighting and the size of the fixture.

Although they are more about design and aesthetics, all designers and architects attest to the fact that customers all want LED.  Whether it is because they have to have the latest in technology and design or they are looking to reduce their electric bills and be more eco-friendly—everyone is looking to go all LED wherever possible.

Designer Talk: Trending Styles

Mix Masters

New Hue: “Winter Gold”

The latest finish that designers are using in the home. Lighting designers are demanding more lamps, lighting fixtures and decorative accessories in this magnificent hue.

Mixed Finishes

Warm gold tones off-set by polished nickel elements, black shades and satin steel accents—a bold mix of finishes incorporated into one chandelier, flush mount fixture or table lamp makes for an eye-catching new look.

Natural Crystal

Natural elements such as crystal, rock, agate and rose crystal are super hot right now and we can’t get enough of it!

Lighting provides as much style to the aesthetics of a room’s decor as the other interior design elements and can no longer be considered an afterthought. Lighting is the pulse of the house or building.  A seamless bonding between architect, decorator and lighting designer is more important than ever.

Do you love the new trends? Or are you looking for something else?