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Save Big on Mini Lighting by American Brass and Crystal

Fun Fact:  “To talk turkey,” means to speak candidly, directly, plainly and/or bluntly. There are several possible explanations to the origin of this phrase.  Some support a link to uncensored familial conversation around the Thanksgiving dinner table; Others say the phrase is linked to the actual sounds a turkey makes, because the male turkey’s “gobble, gobble” is a basic, unadorned, matter-of-fact kind of vocalization.

Wherever your holiday “turkey talk” may lead, Capitol Lighting’s Thanksgiving feast is sure to please everyone with custom designed lighting at unbeatable prices.  The lighting experts at Capitol will help you to illuminate your home for the holidays…elegantly, efficiently and affordably.

A little light goes a long way to bring charm and soothing illumination to the home environment.  Crystal mini chandeliers, mini table lamps, and other mini lighting fixtures create the stylized finish to designer decorated home interiors.  Feast your eyes on Capitol Lighting’s most outstanding selection of the season!

Add to your Thanksgiving holiday with the latest lighting designs from American Brass and Crystal Lighting.  Capitol Lighting invites you to take advantage of promotional pricing on ABC’s masterful works of art, including mini table lamps and crystal mini chandeliers available in a myriad of finishes including Antique Pewter, White Nickel and True Brass with crystal options ranging from Golden Teak Strass Teardrops to colorful Strass pendoloques.

Give Thanks for the Little Things

Capitol Lighting Highlights the “Mini Strass”

Warm up the room.  Instantly create elegance. Provide your home with charm! The mini chandelier has become an increasingly popular lighting fixture and accessory in home decorating schemes due to its versatility and small size. With extraordinary styling and imaginative design motifs, mini table lamps, too, are gracing more homes than ever.

Capitol Lighting’s Top 5 “Mini Must-dos” for a Superb Finish

  1. Rather than using several mini pendants or large oblong island lights, the latest decorative home designs employ mini chandeliers over long tables and kitchen islands.
  2. Mini chandeliers provide added panache in bathrooms and powder rooms, offering a custom designed look with generous ambient illumination.
  3. Mini table lamps work beautifully as an accessory to provide additional light at the vanity table.
  4. Another stunning application for mini table lamps is atop dining room consoles.
  5. Try a mini chandelier above a bedside table to provide nighttime reading light…a new alternative to the traditional table lamp or wall swinger.

To view the latest in home lighting and accessories and for more designing ways to put the mini on your menu this Thanksgiving, visit with the lighting professionals at Capitol Lighting.

Enjoy designer discounts on the best from American Brass and Crystal Lighting available this week at Capitol.

American Brass & Crystal (ABC Lighting) has built a reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of the finest quality cast brass and crystal mini chandeliers. All crystal chandelier and cast brass frames are molded in Italian casts by some of the finest metal craftsman in Europe and are then adorned with genuine Strass crystal from Swarovski. Each crystal mini chandelier from American Brass & Crystal Lighting is available in any of their 17 custom finishes and a multitude of different crystal grades, shapes and colors.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop on-line at to custom designs your holiday illumination.  Enjoy promotional values on the latest mini lighting fashions from ABC.  The options abound; with American Brass & Crystal you create a design in a crystal chandelier that is uniquely your own and each one is hand made by American artisans with meticulous care.