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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting by Room

Super Quiet Ceiling Fans at Capitol Lighting

Fire Crackers are Loud; Your Ceiling Fans Should Not Be.

Say “Happy Birthday, America!” with Ceiling Fan Savings at Capitol Lighting.

Fun Facts:  Independence Day, familiarly known as “the Fourth of July,” marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence and colonial America’s independence from British rule in 1776.

According to a letter from John Adams to his wife Abigail on July 3, 1776, this day should be celebrated with:  “pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations.”

Capitol Lighting is ready for the works with the finest in lighting and ceiling fans to illuminate the festivities.  Take advantage of promotional pricing on select merchandise from Casablanca Fan Company and say “Happy Birthday, America!”

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom to discover the essence and power of quality lighting and ceiling fans.  Although fans may look similar, the parts you do not see are the vital organs which sustain the fan’s true value.

The heart of every super quiet ceiling fan is the motor.  The motor is responsible for producing quiet operation to power blades for optimum air circulation.  Top-quality motors sporting heavy-duty windings and sealed lubricated bearings are designed to work flawlessly for the lifetime of the fan and result in super quiet operation.

Top 5 reasons to purchase ceiling fans from American Lighting Association (ALA)-member showrooms:

1.  Certified Lighting experts will help you with the selection process.  The range of fan sizes, style choices, and fan accessories may be overwhelming.  Lighting consultants are highly trained to help custom-design a fan fit to your unique specifications.  More personalized service will ensure that you receive the coordinating hardware and accessories for proper installation.

2.ALA affiliated showrooms will have more selection, such as choice of custom finishes for housings, wood or hand-carved blades, custom blade finishes, ceiling medallions, and designer lighting kits.

3.  Lighting professionals will be knowledgeable as to the latest precision controls best suited to your application, whether they be remote control options or wall switches compatible with the fan product, home wiring and electrical plate trim.

4.  The most reputable retailers will be available for any problems that may arise, and can recommend installers at reasonable rates.

5.  Capitol Lighting, a proud member of the American Lighting Association, features the finest vendors and personnel who stand behind the quality of everything in store, so you may shop with confidence and create the home environment perfectly suited to your taste and budget.


Fun Facts: The etymology of the phrase “sis-boom-bah” dates back to 1867 and is defined as “a cheerleading chant, originally an echoic phrase imitating the sound of a skyrocket flight ( sis ), the burst of the fireworks ( boom ), and the reaction of the crowd ( (b)ah )”.

-Bugs Bunny also used the term in his “Super-Rabbit “cheer–”Bricka Bracka firecracker sis boom bah! Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny! RAH RAH RAH!”.  And, Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent jokingly offered his definition as “the sound made when a sheep explodes”!

Let Capitol Lighting’s great Fourth of July sales help you define cheer! Celebrate the USA with the comfort and control of superb indoor and outdoor lighting and accessories. Take advantage of Capitol Lighting’s deep discounts on super quiet designer ceiling fans, lighting kits and accessories from the distinguished Casablanca Fan Company.

Need more reason to cheer?…According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star web site, Energy Star rated ceiling fans move air up to 20 percent more efficiently than conventional models due to advanced blade and motor design, and Energy Star rated ceiling fans that have light fixtures are about 50 percent more efficient than kits with regular lights, and they produce about 75 percent less heat.

Capitol Lighting highlights several manufacturers that meet the government’s Energy Star requirements, including Casablanca, Kichler, Minka Aire and Savoy House.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom to view an elegant and exciting collection of decorative ceiling fans and lighting kits.  A satisfying home improvement investment is sure to bring out the cheerleader in you!

Three Tiers for the Red, White and Blue!

New from Casablanca, decorative ceiling fans with your high ceilings in mind:

  • The “Verrazano,” inspired by the awesome sophistication of a suspension bridge, brushed nickel finish and mahogany blades surround an exposed motor shaft with cables and an integrated halogen light.*
  • The “Atria,” a 1+1 light ceiling fan gracefully grand scaled with a 68” blade sweep and a distinctive hanging system for indoor or outdoor spaces.  UL listed for damp locations with uplighting and downlighting in aged bronze with antique blades. *

*Casablanca fans are equipped with motors guaranteed to work flawlessly for the lifetime of your fan.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for more information on lighting and decorative ceiling fan options and installation tips.  Enjoy Independence Day sales on-line and in-store.  Check out the latest from Casablanca Fan Company for innovations that’ll make you go “sis-boom-bah”!