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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

A Lite Conversation with Carolyn Kinder

Guest Blog By Carolyn Kinder

About the author
Brilliant home décor designer, award winning artist and entrepreneur with a passion for enriching the lives of all within her sphere of influence; Carolyn has been sharing her vision of the trendless, timeless, global style that is her signature for more than 4 decades.


Lighting in layers is an essential truth in lighting. What’s exciting is the growing understanding and acceptance of this concept by the consumer. Trade professionals have long used this truth as a key component when they address a living or professional environment. Lighting is necessary in the creation of ANY space, whether indoor, outdoor, working, or just being. Far too long relegated as simply being the “finishing touch” of your room; lighting is finally receiving the recognition it is due as the work horse of any environment.

With effective layers of lighting, not only can you create the ambience of your choosing (just ask Hollywood); but you can also multi-task it to fit any function you need to perform in that space. Modern homes – even in the lower cost offerings – have better architectural lighting design utilizing the concept of layering.

This concept provides control over multiple sources and levels of lighting in each room, including natural (that which comes in through a window or sky light), ambient (general light sufficient to safely navigate the room), task (bright light sufficient for detailed work, such as reading, chopping vegetables), and accent (focused, angled light that adds drama and attention to art and architectural features).

Gone are the days when a single bulb or flush mounted fixture per room sufficed. Today’s consumer is more sophisticated with a higher level of taste. They are driven by better information and choices through visual media, the need for functional home offices, recent bulb legislation, even tutoring by designing friends…or maybe all these!

Whatever the cause, current homeowners are demanding lighting that supplies their need for multiple functions and style that goes beyond Aunt Tilly’s hand-me-down lamp.

Stay tuned…more “lite bites” from Carolyn coming soon…

So much living goes on in the kitchen where lighting needs all layers – naturally through the window, ambient in the recessed, task in the under-cabinet, and adjustable decorative fixtures providing all four light layers.