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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Capitol Lighting offers best lighting design tips for increased well being and health benefits.

Healthful illumination is key to an environment geared for increased productivity and emotional stability. Upgrading with the right lighting is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make toward a more healthful, productive and beautifully designed living space.

Seeing the Light in the Sunshine State

Just because you may live in the Sunshine State, doesn’t mean you are getting your fill of the right light.  The right light means:

·    Creating a comfortable, non-glare work environment.
·    Establishing mood elevating light levels.
·    Providing for day/night lighting cycles in sync with normal circadian rhythms.
·    Inducing and sustaining an environment for a restful night’s sleep.

Recommendations from Lighting Experts at Capitol Lighting:

·    Get your lighting layers: Include general, ambient, task and accent light sources.
·    Know your bulb choices and use full-spectrum light bulbs effectively.
·    Employ the best lighting controls equipped with efficient dimming capabilities.

Light sources should enhance comfort, not only for studying and socializing, but also for promoting a restful sleep environment. Overly bright light, as well as light that is too dim, may create discomfort and angst. It is simple and cost-efficient to attach dimming controls to all artificial light sources for adjusting illumination to your needs.

Easy Lighting upgrades To try this week:

·    Reduce eyestrain, glare and mental fatigue by adding desk lamps to supplement overhead lighting.  Adding a compatible portable lamp will instantly put you in a more flattering light and diffuse unwanted glare.

·    Replace old bulbs with full spectrum lamps, offered in updated compact fluorescent (CFL), to provide a quality of light close to that of actual sunshine. This is especially essential in winter months or in windowless rooms where access to natural light is limited.

·    Try a top-quality LED (light emitting diode) desk or floor lamp for glare-free, focused reading light and task illumination.

·    For additional ambient lighting, a new energy-efficient halogen floor lamp or torch lamp will provide pleasing and plentiful illumination.

Light is perhaps the most important element you can control to maintain the perfect environment. Invest in top quality products that are durable and energy-efficient for optimal results.

Enjoy the latest lighting advice from Capitol Lighting, and take advantage of weekly promotional values on the finest in lighting and accessories for your home or office at

Top Picks:

ü   “Littlite” from House of Troy, 12” High Intensity Halogen desk lamp with adjustable gooseneck, G4 energy-efficient 5-watt bulb and dimmer switch included.

ü  “Cubic” floor lamps and desk lamps from famed designers Steven and Chris.

ü  “Alessa” from EGLO Lighting, a 55” floor lamp in Matte Nickel with Frosted and Clear Genuine Lead Crystal, includes energy-efficient Halogen G4 bipin lamp.

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