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Sep 30, 2016

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Spotlight: Modern Contemporary Lighting Styles

your window to the future

You walk into the newly renovated kitchen of an old friend. As you’re walking through the house, they point out the new kitchen island they had installed, and the track lighting above it is the first thing you see rather than the polished granite countertops. But why? Then it hits you; the subtle curves, immaculately placed angles. It’s not the complexity that moves you; it’s the nuance. A relentlessly forward-looking style seeking to edge out the future and stake a claim in the ethos of the design world. Just the right amount of polish and substance to make a difference without opening the doors to being ostentatious .

Modern Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting is sure-footed and confident in its design without being arrogant. It allows you to make the statement that you want to make about the design language in your house. Well known for their focus on geometric shapes, graceful curves and dramatic angles, it often draws its inspiration from modern architectural design and organic forms.

Because of its inspiration; unique forms and daring design are the order of the day. In the case of fitting a room like your kitchen, modern ceiling lighting like a suspended lighting structure over the island, some pendant lighting over the sink, or a perfect companion light to stainless steel appliances will be a welcomed addition to the overall aesthetic value of your kitchen.

While the kitchen might be a great place to start, the lighting also has a place in the rest of your home. Make the transition slowly; start with the kitchen, then move to the dining room, living room, and hallways. Each room in your house is an opportunity to define exactly what kind of feeling you want to elicit from you and your guests. Make them stop dead in their tracks, draw attention to cabled stainless steel pendants or a hanging structure. Or have it fall into the background, serving as the perfect compliment to a piece of furniture in the room. With modern contemporary design; all things are possible.

There is another side to the design as well; fixtures are not necessarily relegated to bright finishes, either. Muted tones and distressed finishes can be found in this segment without breaking the overall design language typical of the style. These fixtures can be a wonderful conduit to a setting designed to have the lighting fall into the background. The wide variety of form factors in this style allow you to place sleek, unassuming fixtures that can provide ample light without drawing attention to itself in the way that the constraints of a more ornamented, classical design might.

Modern contemporary lighting is your window to the future, and that future is whatever you want it to be. So take the challenge and make it yours.

PRO TIP: Don’t think that it’s all high concept and equally high cost, either. There are a wide range of affordable modern lighting options available to you. Placing an emphasis on design doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

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