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Sep 30, 2016

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Spotlight: Restoration Vintage Lighting Styles

a love letter to the past

Distressed finishes, warm, muted colors and a subtle elegance to the styling eschew modernity in favor of a warm, approachable environment. Restoration lighting rejects the notion that somehow the past is incompatible with the future, and instead suggests that the two can indeed be sympatico. It’s existence is an expression of adoration and a love letter to a bygone era; it’s choosing a good novel over a blog post, a record over an iPod, and human interaction over social networking.

Why is Vintage Lighting so Appealing?

Let’s start with the huge range of styles that are available with Restoration Vintage lighting. Experimentation with form factors is encouraged in the pursuit of reimagining the past with an eye on the future. Rather than variations on a theme, this focus allows for an incredible breadth of possibilities and gives you the ability to tailor your home to exactly what you want it to be.

The usage of Edison-style or carbon filament bulbs compliments these fixtures perfectly. These bulbs allow for a warm, soft glow that fills the room without being overbearing, which pairs well with the vintage forms that the bulbs settle into.

An effortless, natural flow comes to mind when looking at the fixtures. Vintage lighting often puts a greater emphasis on the encasing or, in some cases, exposure, of the bulb rather than the structure surrounding it. By utilizing the bulb as a primary element of the light instead of hiding it away, it leaves open the possibility of experimentation with the look of the bulb itself in addition to the fixture. With the structure fading into the background and the bulb becoming the focal point, the inclusion of an Edison-style filament bulb finishes off the design for a beautiful, complete piece with a coherent visual language.

Where can Vintage Lighting be used?

The ceiling is typically the first place people consider when lighting a room, and Vintage Ceiling Lights are a wonderful way to set the tone for the design choices of a certain space. With the wide array of fixtures available; you can choose to either have the light be a primary driver of the aesthetic or simply disappear in an enclosure, allowing you and your guests to focus on the furnishings of the room rather than draw attention to the lighting the way a crystal or more modern light fixture might do. Accent lighting on the wall is where restoration vintage lighting can really shine. Serving well in an entryway into a hall, a ceiling fan or a wall lamp installed above a reading area or couch, they often become a discussion point among you and your guests, as the antithesis of modern, ultra-sleek fixtures with highly polished or chrome finishes that have come into fashion. The less common restoration vintage style suddenly finds a way to stand out in a crowd, and helps convey a warm sense of an inviting atmosphere. Vintage lighting is not only meant for indoor spaces either; it can enhance any outdoor area with the same level of sure-footed confidence that it can an indoor room. Often a great pair with more rustic style patio or deck furniture, a quality vintage outdoor lighting fixture can help solidify your design choices and convey a coherent styling message; an appreciation of the old without being out of touch with present day stylings.

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture that extols the aesthetic benefits of the past while creating a coherent visual style for a room or outdoor area in your house, a Vintage Lighting fixture from 1800Lighting can be your perfect conduit to a warm visual appeal. Both indoor and outdoor, wall to ceiling, the variety of forms available for this lighting style exposes near endless possibilities. So turn down the lights, turn up the volume just a bit and let you and your guests fall into the ambiance of Vintage Style Lighting from 1800Lighting. So settle in with a good book, put on a record, and allow yourself to fall into your atmosphere with Vintage Style Lighting.

PRO TIP: It’s not hard to see why this style of light is so sought after; some of the world’s top interior designers and consumers alike have been drawn to the allure of the strangely commanding design language that restoration lighting brings to a room.

Top Restoration-Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Vintage lighting is defined in subtle elegance through distressed finishes with warm and muted colors.