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Apr 4, 2014

Lighting by Room

Things to Remember When Shopping for Kitchen Lights

If you want to add value to your kitchen and give it a warm and appealing atmosphere, do it with lights. Experts in kitchen design and lighting agree that the key to an amazing kitchen is having plenty of task lighting to illuminate and highlight your work spaces. Just be careful and make sure that you do not over-light, as having too much bright lights might leave you casting a lot of shadows. A good mix of ambient, decorative, and task lighting is best.

Here are some tips to achieve this balance.

Start from underneath

The easiest and least expensive layer of lighting to add in your kitchen is under-cabinet lighting. Xenon lights are affordable and cooler compares to halogen lights. Low voltage xenon bulbs in different lengths are great for lighting counters and islands below kitchen shelves and cabinets. They can also be retrofitted at a reasonable cost and can be plugged into existing outlets without requiring new wiring. Avoid small puck lights as these produce odd spots of light on your shelves and counters. You want to have bright, even lighting throughout your working space.

Choose a ceiling light fixture that will work with any décor.

If you are replacing an old light fixture, choose one that has a clean nice finish that gives off a nice glow. Refrain from getting a fixture that is overly embellished. You want to get one that can work with any type of décor, traditional or contemporary, so you can redecorate without having to replace your light fixtures.

Choose what’s preferred by most.

For ambient lighting, you can never go wrong with these two – ceiling pendant lights and track lights. Track lights are great for providing task lighting over a kitchen island or counter. Ceiling pendant lights are equally adorable and functional, and can work with different interior decors.

Decorate like a pro.

Add some decorative lighting in your kitchen to give it a nice touch. This can be achieved with hand-blown ceiling pendants that add charm and color, giving your kitchen a more interesting and livelier atmosphere. Although expensive artistic lighting pieces are not necessary for this space, they would be a good addition that will give your kitchen a luxurious ambiance.

Choose what will best enhance the value of your kitchen.

Try to be objective when choosing light fixtures for your kitchen and think of what will give it a great overall look rather than choosing based on your personal preferences. Try to think of what style will work best given the interior décor for this space and keep a mental picture of your kitchen when shopping for a light fixture. Imagine your options within this space and choose the one that will give your kitchen an impressive look.

Stay with your kitchen’s theme.

Make sure that your light fixtures blend well with the rest of the furniture and accents within your kitchen. It is alright to add a pop of color to serve as a focal point in the kitchen, but remember that the finish and the style are consistent with your kitchen’s theme.

The key to having a warm, inviting kitchen that will impress guests is to style it with an objective mind. Leave self-expression to bedroom decoration, and confine your choices to light fixtures with styles that are consistent with your kitchen’s overall design.